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By: Vortex Auctions  09-12-2011
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Vortex Auctions' various modules/components:
  • The Auction Block Module
    This module generates the Auction Administrator's main screen during an auction. Easy to navigate, this component includes all the basic functions required to manage a Virtual Auction just as if it were an actual on-site traditional auction.
    • Live coordination of online bids with those from floor;
    • Control over which item is actually being put up for auction (directly, or through NEXT & BACK buttons);
    • Ability to place an auction on HOLD/PAUSE;
    • Ability to modify QUICK BID incrementations;
    • Ability to REVERSE to correct any error;
    • Ability to sell SOLD (official);
    • Ability to sell with ulterior verification;
    • Option not to sell if offers are too low (NO SALE).
  • Purchaser-Client Module
    This component ensures you and your clients' complete confidentiality, all the while providing online buyers with an efficient and user friendly purchasing experience.
    • Access independent of user's computer speed;
    • Secure client database;
    • Secure list of all Purchaser-Clients (bidders);
    • Creation and management of User accounts;
    • Secure and privileged levels of access;
    • Credit limit management;
    • Personalized screen for auction clients (company logo, colors…);
    • Transmission of live audio, video AND photo images;
    • Full size, detailed view of up to 10 thumbnail photos for each item up for bid;
    • Real time sound and video of live auction;
    • Purchaser-Client can place bids on items;
    • Automatic incrementation;
    • Organized list of items up for bid at each auction;
    • Full report of auction results following each auction.
  • Presale Catalogue Module
    This component is designed to allow the secure online posting of a catalogue containing pictures and descriptions of the items for viewing previous to the auction.
    • Requires no software downloads;
    • Shopping Cart (list of purchases);
    • Printing options;
    • Secure access over the internet.

  • Administrative Module
    The main function of this component is to manage the smooth progression of the online auction as a whole.
    • Custom and secure access page for the auction's administrator;
    • Ability to create additional user identities for auction staff;
    • Multiple levels of privileged access;
    • Administration of your auction inventory;
    • Complete lists of all your sale items and pertinent information;
    • Coordination of all modules within the auction system;
    • Possibility of having an EXTRANET with access limited to vendor-customers;
    • Preliminary posting of vehicles with missing information due to pending inspection;
    • Database management for secure lists of clients and users;
    • Secure management of all usernames and passwords;
    • Tracking of all system accesses;
    • Defining a minimum price;
    • Posting and management of vehicle condition reports;
    • Complete vehicle inspection reports with supporting pictures;
    • Other internal or public information to be specified by our client;
    • Easy upload of up to 10 digital photos;
    • Modifications can easily be made at any time;
    • Descriptions (client vendor, event …) and specifications (date, time…);
    • Easy posting of previously entered items which were saved in the Intranet;
    • Easy searches for an item through databases, by item's lot number;
    • Purchase confirmations produced after each auction;
    • Manual sale authorization if final bid does not meet reserve bid.

  • Statistics Module
    This component is essential for efficient reporting and analysis of each auction's results.
    • Overall statistical data reporting;
    • Creation of personalized reports;
    • Reports on all access to the system;
    • Statistical reports of visits to the site;
    • Lists of all previous auctions and their dates;
    • Number of vehicles sold, and of transactions per client-vendor;
    • Market reports;
    • Weather reports at auction time.

  • Messaging System Module *Optional
    This optional Messaging System allows you to automatically send mass emails to communicate with any segment of your client database, for whatever reason you desire. This system can be integrated to your Vortex Auctions System in such a way as to allow an email to be sent automatically to particular clients to inform them of an auction of interest, or as a means of confirming purchases. Tailored to your specific needs this versatile system can even allow internal email communications between the Auctioneer, Vendor-Clients and Buyer-Clients.

Vortex Auctions is designed for optimal simplicity and efficiency. This system requires only the most minimal

. Even for those with no previous experience with online auctions, our broadcast solution requires minimal investment to get started. To minimize start up costs, our new generation Auction System can even make use of your first-generation auction cameras and microphones as a source of audio-video data.

Simple, economical and versatile:

Vortex Auctions Systems are well worth the try.

Keywords: online auction