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By: Voipswitch  09-12-2011
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VoipSwitch have many years of experience in providing VoIP Phone Systems and solutions, which is why our

platform, as well as all our additional modules, represent such high quality products. By purchasing our

, you can be guaranteed of receiving a fully scalable solution with advance routing, flexible proxy methods, network protection and quick, convenient reporting.

Our system supports SIP and H323 protocols, and we also provide a transparent protocol conversion, so our solution can be adapted to the diverse requirements of our customers.

VoipSwitch didn’t only think about the users of our platform but also about their clients. Therefore, we’ve prepared an easy-to-use

for them. With its intuitive design, the web-portal enables clients to make calls via a flash-based web phone with a video option, trigger a

, send SMS and chat. In order to facilitate the enrollment process and bring the solution closer to the clients, VoipSwitch has developed an

module, incorporating a payment gateway with various reputable payment processors, including PayPal, Moneybookers and Barclays.


can be also enriched with additional modules such as the





. Using VoipSwitch scalable solution you can develop and expand your business by conquering new markets while being equipped with a state-of-the-art software.

Keywords: VoIP Phone, Voipswitch

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Our solution has all the necessary tools to achieve full control over payments and end-users’ accounts. Using VoipSwitch, you don’t need to purchase and integrate any third-party billing system. The built-in VoIP billing system makes the task of managing our softswitch very simple.


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Managing users accounts – Divided on types that limit users to particular services (callback, calling cards, wholesale, broadband calling clients, Callshops), also support for one account for all services. Simple control of your VoIP platform, no matter where you are This version of VSC was created with the focus put on functionality, efficiency and safety. With the main package are delivered graphical interfaces for managing the whole system.


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The Voipswitch’s class 5 Softswitch gives also the possibility of using additional modules or services, such as IP / PBX, Callback, CallShop, Calling Cards, Virtual DIDs numbers and many others. For Voip phone service providers, Voipswitch is a functional solution that can be perfectly fitted into their business strategy.


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Authorization and accounting i.e the billing part is fully integrated with the softswitch engine into one application what makes the platform exceptionally efficient as it utilizes internal billing procedures without having to connect to external systems. This approach results in uniform interface that extend the platform functionality by joining accounts billing details with routing and switching settings in comprehensive manner.


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With higher hardware specification it is possible to increase the load on a single server.Other method for dealing with higher traffic, recommended also for failover and backup, is to build acluster consisting of two or three servers running on one IP address and dividing the traffic among them.