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By: Voipswitch  09-12-2011
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With the main package are delivered graphical interfaces for managing the whole system. From their level administrator or user with restricted rights can perform various tasks from creating new accounts to debugging the traffic.

VoipSwitch Real-time monitor:

  • Real-time monitoring, live calls information, statistics at a glance ( number of connections, connected calls, registered users, ASR/ACD/ PDD and others)
  • Registered users details, gatekeepers/sip registrars status, system logs
  • Debug functionality for selected connections

VoipSwitch Manager (VSM) – windows graphical interface for managing the entire platform.

The main functionality:

  • Managing users accounts – Divided on types that limit users to particular services (callback, calling cards, wholesale, broadband calling clients, Callshops), also support for one account for all services.
  • Managing rates sheets.
  • Dialing plan.
  • Managing resellers accounts.
  • Protocol settings.
  • Alerts, system services, recurring payments, special tasks, watchdog.
  • Advanced reporting, detailed information on the traffic, CDRs, export to various formats, filters (per route, destination, client, date/time, duration, cost etc.).
  • Statistics – ASR, ACD, PDD and other parameters.
  • Balance reports.
  • Payments management.
  • Invoicing.
  • PIN generator.

New VSC module

Simple control of your VoIP platform, no matter where you are
This version of VSC was created with the focus put on functionality, efficiency and safety. For sure the first thing that can be noticed is a clear and friendly design. There is a convenient menu on the left and intuitive panel in the middle, with very handy tabs. That makes the application not only look better, but also easier to navigate. Login process is now safer, because all uses’ access data is gathered in a separate(not only Windows) database.
Fresh VSC module supports PBX Clients and enables users to make subaccounts for them, thanks to what it is much easier to sort and manage them. New option of tariff plans gives the ability to create complex tariffs with special discounts or bonuses and strongly improved step by step wizard shows how to start many accounts (for GK clients, IVR clients etc.) at once. There are also added some new forms of termination, such as “lookup” or “groups”.
By VSC it is also possible to monitor online shops transactions, choose preferable video and fax codecs for clients and destinations, browse the invoices. A new tab called “users” helps to manage accounts and give different kind of permissions all people, who have access to VSC. Now it is possible to define specified number of allowances for each user separately.
The whole module is customizable, we could choose language, skin colors or date formats. This VSC version is dedicated for new VoipSwitch platforms.

What’s new:

  • extremely clear, intuitive to navigate interface with convenient tabs
  • language change ability
  • customizable design- colorful skins
  • safer authorization of users
  • much easier to manage new users’ accounts generator
  • tariff plans option
  • invoice module
  • session duration clock with automatic logout
  • PBX clients and subaccounts functionality (including PBX calls module)
  • global date and time format definition (from “My profile”)
  • application access and permissions management (”Users” module)
  • new destinations available
  • Online payments (onlineshop logs and transaction history browsers)
  • Video and fax codecs management for clients and destinations

The VSC is now available in two versions:

VSC preview:

VSC Presentation:

Keywords: Voipswitch

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