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By: Voip Phreak  09-12-2011
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From the press release:

Two new models added to the 67xi Series portfolio offering more choice to users.

Designed to deliver enterprise-grade advanced features and performance normally found at higher price points, the Model 6730i and Model 6731i SIP phones share the same powerful, open-standards firmware design found on all Aastra 67xi telephones. Offering up to 6 lines with call appearances, full duplex speakerphones, intercom, paging and auto answer features as well as XML browser capabilities, these SIP phones are ideally suited for regular telephone usage in small and large business environments as well as enterprise and home-based applications. These models, featuring a slightly smaller design footprint than other 67xi Series phones, are fully compatible with Aastra's IP-PBX Key System, the AastraLink ProTM 160.

The 6731i telephone, which is available now, is unmatched in the market place for its small desk foot print, price and performance. The product features a Dual 10/100 Mbps switched Ethernet ports (LAN and PC ports) with Power over Ethernet (POE) support, TLS and STRP security, as well as the full range of features offered in the Aastra 2.x SIP firmware release. The lower priced 6730i, which can be ordered now with an expected ship date of April, offers similar features as the 6731i but comes equipped with a single 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port without POE support.

In an expected move, Aastra has renamed all of the 5i series of phones to a new series, beginning with 67xi.

From their press release:

This model number change involves the addition of the number "67" prefix to the current 5i name. As a result, Aastra will now refer to this product Series as the "Aastra 67xi Series" rather than "Aastra 5i Series".

This change is cosmetic in nature only, with the new model number appearing on the logo plate, box and product labels, user guides and certain web user interface screens. There will be no changes in product performance, compatibility, order/part numbers or pricing. To date, you may have already seen some references to the 67xi product nomenclature reflected in user guides, telephone display screens, web sites and web user interfaces. Marketing and web collateral materials will reflect this change shortly, with the equivalent 5i model numbers appearing in brackets during this transition.

As we've seen in the past with these renamings from Aastra, nothing will change except for the great quality and the product numbers, which we have a handy table for:

The following is a list of the old and new model numbers:

Aastra 5i Series
Aastra 67xi Series
51i 6751i
53i 6753i
55i 6755i
57i 6757i
57i CT 6757i CT
536M (Expansion module) M670i
560M (Expansion module) M675i

Maintenance release for AastraLink RPâ„¢ phones is now available on the AastraLink RPâ„¢ website.

This release includes both performance and feature enhancements including:

  • Improved "Blue button" response time (removing dialtone and ringing for blue button presses)
  • DTMF support for external IVRs using Early Media connections
  • Simplified Callers List dialing

Aastra Announces Firmware Release 1.2 for AastraLink Pro 160â„¢ IP-PBX Key System

Release 1.2 offers a number of significant feature enhancements to the AastraLink Pro 160 that create a powerful and compelling IP Key System delivering enterprise PBX features for the small business market of 25 users or less.

Highlights of Release 1.2 include:

Shared Line Appearances (FXO ports only)

  • The Term "Shared Line Appearance" (SLA) refers to the functionality of having a line appearance on a phone that maps to a FXO line similar to a traditional key system. Phones connected to the AastraLink Pro 160 which have SLA lines configured will indicate when a FXO line is in use, on hold or available
  • The AastraLink Pro 160 allows the administrator to program individual FXO lines as SLA. This gives the AastraLink Pro 160 the flexibility to run in SLA (Key system) mode, Pooled (PBX) line mode or Mixed line mode

Shared extension support for an additional generic SIP device or Aastra SIP Phone

  • Allows the pairing of an additional Aastra SIP Phone or another vendor SIP compliant device, such as a SIP softphone or SIP ATA to an existing AastraLink Pro 160 registered user account

Aastra MBU 400 SIP-DECT product integration

  • Integration of the Aastra MBU 400 SIP-DECT solution which was launched last week

Custom Single Digit IVR

  • Changes have been made to the Auto attendant that allow the administrator the ability to assign a function such as dial operator, transfer to vmail, dial ring group, etc.. to a single key press value between 0 and 9 plus * and #. The administrator may also fully customize the menu announcements played to callers

FXO Auto tuning Wizard

  • The AastraLink Pro 160 has the ability to perform an auto tuning of the FXO port. The system will prompt and guide the user to perform this as part of the initial system configuration

Your AastraLink Pro must be running 1.1p1 b21 firmware or newer before upgrading to 1.2 firmware. It is essential that you backup your AastraLink Pro prior to upgrading it.

Details on these and other features and can be found in the 1.2 Release Notes.
Please copy and paste the following link into your web browser to obtain the new firmware,

Aastra Telecom is pleased to announce the availability of the MBU 400, an affordable and flexible multi-handset mobility solution for the SMB market. Designed for Small Business, the MBU 400 is a fully integrated SIP and analog wireless telephone solution.

First announced at the Fall Internet Telephony Conference & Expo in September, the MBU 400 offers new mobility options for Small Business users and current AastraLink Proâ„¢ 160 IP Key System customers.

Consisting of the MBU 400 gateway and one 420d handset, with support for up to eight 420d handsets in total, this DECT 6.0 system provides true multi-user capability allowing four simultaneous calls at once. The gateway supports eight unique SIP registrations, one FXO port and can be easily provisioned and managed in a Small Business environment. The MBU 400 also can be tightly integrated with the AastraLink Proâ„¢ 160 IP Key System, offering a single web UI tool for configuration and maintenance of the handset and other Aastra SIP desk terminals.

The stylish 420d handset is equipped with a backlit, 1.5" color display screen providing a variety of information at-a-glance. Offering features such as speakerphone, intercom between handsets, silent/vibrate functionality and up to twelve hours of talk time, the 420d receives both analog and SIP calls and gives Small Business customers the performance and flexibility they require.

This was posted to the mailing list the other day, pretty cool to see Aastra in the mainstream, usually it's only Avaya or Cisco. Go Aastra!

Our good friend Matt Watson has released a new software tool for provisioning your Aastra VOIP phones, or other phones that use central configuration repositories over TFTP. Interesting stuff.

tftp-hpa-execute is a fork of tftp-hpa to add the ability to execute system commands when files are requested matching regex patterns. It can be used, for example, to dynamically generate configuration files for VoIP phones when the phones request the file. tftp-hpa's regex pattern matching system is used to determine if a match occurs or not and execute the command you have specified for that pattern.

Keywords: Firmware, phones

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