By: Vizim  09-12-2011

A fast and effective way to integrate TeamTrack/Serena Business Mashup issues with Perforce jobs.


• Certified P4DTG plugin.

• Automatic replication of information between TeamTrack/SBM and Perforce jobs.

• Support for multiple TeamTrack/SBM workflows and projects.

• Perforce job creation coordinated with TeamTrack/SBM workflow states.

• Leverages VIZIM's world class experience and understanding of Perforce integrations.

Flash video demonstration:

We have an online demonstration of VZMP4TTSBM available. Audio is recommended (but not required).

• Automatic replication of changes (fix information) between the two systems

• Replication of Perforce fix summary information into TeamTrack/SBM

• As a P4DTG plugin, there is the standard configuration GUI to setup project replications.

• VIZIM works closely with Perforce support.

• Products supported: TeamTrack 6.6 through to Serena Business Mashups 2009R1 (P4DTG supports Perforce servers from 2006.2).

Through VIZIM's wordclass consulting services:

• We can migrate your existing P4DTI (sometimes known as Version Bridge) integration data in a seamless manner.

• Our trigger framework provides workflow enforcement in Perforce.

VZMP4TTSBM Packages:

Do-it-yourself. Low price package with the Plugin and documentation, includes support.

Express Setup. Includes configuration and testing consultancy to get you running quickly.

Custom Setup. Options include customization of reports, workflows and triggers, legacy migrations and transition consulting.

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