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By: Vivre L'art Libre  09-12-2011

Ranging various mediums, through rite and ritual, a search for meaning over years. The computer’s hands, these, my hands sketch and dream and reapeat endless configurations. A synthetic dance occurs between what has been drawn thought and rendered and what I am capable of doing today. What can I make? What will be squeezed out? What do you need? Felt shape is a portal to another place, inside, not discovered yet. I am sitting on it, actually, in it. So are you. Her-story can blow at any time, tenuous threads holding it all together. Her juice is glue and she is using it all up to make this, refuge. These little holes from which I see, so tiny, fragile, and this bigness I call me, also contains tongue, hips and toes. Tree outside me also contains tongue and hips and toes, so does him! And this hand so flui, well-trained, born uses all the instruments available.