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By: Vivotech  09-12-2011
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ViVOnfc Provisioning Software Enables
MNOs, Banks, Retailers and their TSMs to Deliver Payment, Loyalty, and Individualized Promotions to NFC Enabled Phones

ViVOnfc Provisioning Software creates a secure, over-the-air (OTA) channel for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Banks, Retailers, and their chosen Trusted Services Managers (TSMs) to securely provision credit, debit, prepaid, loyalty, and transit transportation cards to the secure storage of NFC-enabled mobile phones. The ViVOnfc also enables delivery of mobile marketing content to consumers such as personalized and location-based coupons, offers, promotions and rewards programs through a SPAM free authenticated mobile network. Consumers receive only opt-in content from trusted sources which is stored on the phone and redeemed by tapping their NFC mobile phones on contactless NFC readers at merchants.

Main Features

• Patented two server provisioning architecture allows issuers to maintain full control over sensitive data.

• Supports OTA provisioning of branded and retailer cards, Transit, ePurse, Loyalty, Promotions and Coupons. • Supports consumer initiated (PULL) & bank driven (PUSH) OTA provisioning of cards into phone.• Deliver personalized and location-based coupons, offers, promotions and rewards programs through a SPAM free authenticated mobile network.• Easy-to-use Multi-Card and Multi-Application Wallet.• Integration into Contactless Merchant Pointof Sale (ISO 14443 A/B).

• Secure OTA and storage of cards using Global Platform (GP) key management.

ViVOnfc™ consists of the ViVOnfc™ Issuer Server, ViVOnfc™ Control Server and ViVOwallet.

The ViVOnfc™ Issuer Server (Issuer Server) operates as a standalone server in the ViVOnfc contactless product architecture, allowing a card issuer to provision a soft card to a ViVOwallet application running on an NFC-enabled phone. The Issuer Server, which is hosted in the card issuer network or a TSM, holds all the personalization algorithms, features, functions, procedures, and interfaces for a card issuer. Additionally, it provides all the personalization data from the issuer back-office and is responsible for personalizing the ViVOwallet with all the required information for users to download the issuer’s cards, coupons, or tickets.

The ViVOnfc™ Control Server (Control Server)provides the Over-the-Air (OTA) provisioning control function for the ViVOnfc contactless product architecture. The Control Server directs requests from the ViVOwallet application residing on a NFC-enabled phone to the Issuer Server supporting the card issuer back-office systems. The Control Server contains a database holding Issuer Server configuration information for all Issuer Servers with which the Control Server interacts (one Control Server can interact with multiple Issuer Servers). The Control Server Web interface provides several administrative functions to allow your Customer Support organization to interact with a subscriber’s NFC-enabled device to perform account management functions. For example, if a subscriber device is lost, Customer Support can lock the device, making it unavailable for use.

ViVOwallet® is a versatile, full-featured wallet application with an intuitive user interface that runs on mobile NFC devices. ViVOwallet manages multiple softcards stored on the mobile device, such as credit, debit, prepaid and loyalty cards, coupons or tickets. ViVOwallet ensures end-to-end protection of the softcard data and payment applications with its interface for Over-the-Air (OTA) provisioning as well as management of the mobile device’s secure element. ViVOwallet works with all POS and terminals currently equipped with ViVOpay® or other contactless readers.  ViVOwallet supports a patent-pending methodology to allow for the provisioning of multiple MasterCard® PayPass™ softcards to a single NFC phone wallet and multiple Discover payment softcards are also supported. ViVOwallet is designed to work as a standalone application as well as work as part of broader wallet application software such as mobile banking client-software. ViVOwallet comes with APIs that allows the functional library to integrate with broader wallet software.

Keywords: Cards, Mobile Marketing, Mobile Phones On, Nfc,

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