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By: Vivotech  09-12-2011

ViVOtag Sticker Technology Increases Customer Loyalty, Usage and Redemption of Promotions and Wallet Share of Payment Cards

ViVOtag ™ is a new contactless device that allows consumers to “tag” existing mobile phones with contactless functionality. Marketing, loyalty and payment providers can easily “tag” their products onto existing mobile phones to increase usage, deliver next generation mobile loyalty programs and increase revenue and differentiation. The "wallet share" war is won by offering customers a fun and easy way to pay!

Using ViVOtag consumers are able to tap their ViVOtag-enabled phones onto contactless-enabled kiosks, digital signage or price checkers to join promotion programs and receive personalized and location-based coupons. Acknowledgement of the promotion can be sent via text message to the consumer’s mobile phone, but to redeem the coupon consumers only need to tap their phone onto the contactless POS at the checkout. The same ViVOtag can also function as the payment card for the purchase and as a loyalty card accumulating points for the consumers at every transaction.

ViVOtag can be enabled by multiple chip technologies for different functionality and security levels. Most of all, ViVOtag can be branded and customized for any consumer loyalty, promotion or prepaid payment program by retailers, banks and other corporations.


Multiple contactless chip technologies: Multiple chip technologies for different functionality and security levels ISO/IEC 14443 Type A/B, MIFARE® and MIFARE® DESfire EV1 and Smart MX from NXP.

Multiple payment and promotion applications: ViVOtag advanced technology enables it to support multiple contactless payment programs (credit, debit, prepaid and loyalty) and use them as needed for payment at merchant locations.Durability and “sticking” power: ViVOtags are build using PVC or other polymers and provides optimum endurance when placed onto devices, strong adhesive makes sure it won’t peel off easily.Promotional capabilities: The ViVOtag solution expands existing merchant promotional programs with campaigns leveraging contactless card functionality and electronic user bases through the ViVOapps application software.Multiple form-factors: ViVOtag comes in several different sizes to fit your branding requirements and almost any mobile device.RF-field absorbers: ViVOtag has built-in RF field absorbers that allow it to be attached to mobile phones with only minor interference.

Enhanced security:
ViVOtag never leaves the consumer's hands, allowing for more secure overall transactions.Intellectual Property: Protected by several patent-pending applications.

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ViVOtech : Products : Application Software

ViVOapps ™ is a suite of software applications from ViVOtech that enables personalized and location-based mobile marketing and promotions, advanced mobile loyalty programs and mobile merchant gift cards on existing and new NFC-enabled mobile phones.


ViVOtech : Product Overview

ViVOnfc Control Server, VnCS, is a server that is designed to be operated by or on behalf of mobile phone carriers and allows card provisioning, coupons, ticket, promotions and advertising over-the-air into NFC mobile phones on a per-charge basis. ViVOtech offers two server architecture to allow mobile carriers and banks to control their own domains and equally collaborate to provide mobile payment applications to their customers.


ViVOtech : Products : Infrastructure Software

ViVOnfc Provisioning Software creates a secure, over-the-air channel for Mobile Network Operators, Banks, Retailers, and their chosen Trusted Services Managers to securely provision credit, debit, prepaid, loyalty, and transit transportation cards to the secure storage of NFC-enabled mobile phones.