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By: Vivotech  09-12-2011
Keywords: Promotions, Cards, Point Of Sale

ViVOapps ™ is a suite of software applications from ViVOtech that enables personalized and location-based mobile marketing and promotions, advanced mobile loyalty programs and mobile merchant gift cards on existing and new NFC-enabled mobile phones. ViVOapps allows merchants to engage consumers throughout their shopping experience by making use of  NFC “Touch Points” located through their path to purchase to influence consumer behavior and drive traffic, loyalty and increased sales and revenues.

The sof tware suite enables a wide range of revenue generating use cases
such as:

  • Deliver one-on-one personalized promotions, offers, coupons and rewards.
  • Enable customer acquisition in the form of download of pre-paid and gift cards, loyalty cards, coupons and promotions, transit cards and event tickets from
    smart tags.
  • Enable near-store customer touch-points with product information, promotions and offers to drive traffic into stores, and influencing in-store buying behavior with time-limited personalized offers driving up-sell and cross department selling opportunities for merchants.
  • Receive location based consumer information from a wide variety of consumer Opt-in triggering points (e.g. smart poster, POS transaction, kiosk, store entrance, in store locations, etc.).

ViVOapps Diagram:
ViVOapps mPromotions
ViVOapps ™  mPromotions is a one-on-one mobile marketing platform that enables merchants to drive business through the creation, management, and delivery of personalized and context-sensitive information to consumers’ mobile phones. With ViVOapps mPromotions merchants can deliver coupons, promotions, rewards and offers that are context, location and profile sensitive, helping drive consumer behavior throughout their path to purchase.

Prepaid/Gift and Loyalty
As a high performance, online, real-time prepaid/gift and loyalty transaction processing system, ViVOplatform allows retailers and processors to offer value-added loyalty and prepaid/gift card applications to their customers via Point of Sale (POS) terminals in real-time. Using a contactless card or fob enables the retailer to not only have both a gift card and a loyalty application on the same device, they can be linked in a dynamic way that enhances the value of each application.

It is an application software platform to manage loyalty programs between businesses and their end-customers.  The software platform allows businesses to:

  • Analyze buying behavior of their customers and define tailored loyalty programs for each customer.
  • Issue loyalty cards, create loyalty rules, process loyalty cards, manage individual loyalty accounts and accumulate loyalty points/amounts.
  • Send promotions and e-coupons to consumer’s loyalty accounts.
  • Enable the usage of loyalty accounts in mobile phones, contactless cards and stickers
  • Redeem loyalty points or amounts using mobile phones, contactless cards and stickers.
  • Provide dashboards to analyze effectiveness of different loyalty programs.

Keywords: Cards, Mobile Marketing, Point Of Sale, Promotions

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ViVOtech : Product Overview

ViVOnfc Control Server, VnCS, is a server that is designed to be operated by or on behalf of mobile phone carriers and allows card provisioning, coupons, ticket, promotions and advertising over-the-air into NFC mobile phones on a per-charge basis. ViVOtech offers two server architecture to allow mobile carriers and banks to control their own domains and equally collaborate to provide mobile payment applications to their customers.


ViVOtech : Products : Contactless Cards

Using ViVOtag consumers are able to tap their ViVOtag-enabled phones onto contactless-enabled kiosks, digital signage or price checkers to join promotion programs and receive personalized and location-based coupons. Marketing, loyalty and payment providers can easily “tag” their products onto existing mobile phones to increase usage, deliver next generation mobile loyalty programs and increase revenue and differentiation.


ViVOtech : Products : Infrastructure Software

ViVOnfc Provisioning Software creates a secure, over-the-air channel for Mobile Network Operators, Banks, Retailers, and their chosen Trusted Services Managers to securely provision credit, debit, prepaid, loyalty, and transit transportation cards to the secure storage of NFC-enabled mobile phones.