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By: Visual Matrix Design Studio  09-12-2011

Website Design

We create website's from a blank canvas and use the best design and usability techniques as our building blocks. Our designs bring together typography, usability, search engine friendliness, and beautiful colour palettes to create a branded website.


We code valid CSS and XHTML. We stick to web standards and push the envelope to bring faster more efficient website's that work in all browsers and are search engine friendly.


Our knowledge of usability helps us to focus on the end-user's experience. Making sure they can navigate our clients website's with ease.

Creating an Image of Your Company that People will Remember

Making a first impression is key. We can help you create a brand that clearly says who you are as a company. Our team works closely with our clients to develop an identity that people will remember.

Thinking of the future

We like to think where your company will be in the next four to five years or even five to ten! We will help you develop an image that will stand strong as your company matures and grows over time.

Creating Consistent Image from Print to Web

Using common colour palettes, logos, and images, our designers will create a seamless integration from web to print advertising. Creating a visual brand people recognize.

User Experience

Like branding, user experience is how your users see your site. From the message your sending, to the layout and colour. We tie in all the elements to create returning visitors.

Internet Marketing and Advertising

With our knowledge in SEO and internet marketing, we build you site in a way search engines like google and yahoo can go through your site with efficiency to bring you up in ranks.

We can help you take it one step further and help you setup a keyword campaign. With optimized content and keyword campaign, you quickly have a web presence with major search engines like google.

Creating A Brand

Creating a brand is really important when it comes to showing who you are. Visual representations of your company, such as your logo, creates a lasting impression and a relationship with customers. Our designers help create this impression for our clients. Our concepts are well thought out with our clients and their customers in mind. We want to help our clients send a clear message to their customers of who they are.

Marketing Material: Business Cards, Brochures and More

Having professional business cards on hand and giving out easily readable marketing material makes a difference in having customers understanding what you do. We provide high quality print designs from business cards to flyers and large posters. We work with the printers to ensure your materials are exactly what your looking for.

Our artwork easily scale from indoor advertising to outdoor billboard campaigns.

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