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By: Visual Departures  09-12-2011
Keywords: Photography, Camera, Gaffer Tape

Rosco  •  Visual Departures

As we wind down 2010, everyone seems to be searching for unique gifts and stocking stuffers for the holidays. As the distributors of quite a few unusual photographic products, we can offer a few suggestions. If you've got a friend who's into photography (or just want to get something nice for yourself) read on for some ideas…

The Strobist Collection

Gaffer tape is a wonderful thing. It may be the most useful thing on a set, next to the camera itself (and the photographer.) The problem is, it's HUGE! A roll of gaffer tape can easily weigh more than your camera. A while back, we noticed how ridiculous that was and invented microGAFFER. It's identical to professional gaffer tape, but fits in your pocket (or camera bag; or glove compartment.)

Keywords: Camera, Gaffer Tape, Photography

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Visual Departures  •  Visual Departures

The standard and large Steadybag models include both a removable shoulder strap and a permanent carrying handle, while the Steadybag Junior includes a durable, swiveling mini-clip. The standard three-pound Steadybag is for 35mm and medium-format SLRs, as well as video camcorders. Steadybag virtually eliminates camera shake without the need for time-consuming tripod setup. Steadybag is a high-tech update of the old-fashioned beanbag.


Rosco  •  Visual Departures

Derived from the phrase "GOes Before Optics", gobos fit between your light source and lens to partly obscure or modulate light. Any great set designer will tell you that when lighting a scene, the lights you use are only part of the equation. Depending on the lamp you use, you will want compatible gobos and at least one compatible gobo holder. Not all standard designs available in this size. Glass gobos come in a variety of forms.


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On the other hand, if you wanted a much tighter beam, or you needed a greater throw distance, you can use the 185mm f/3.5 lens at that same distance could project a crisp 16" diameter circle. The standard lens, included in the DP1 projection kit, is the 85mm f/2.8. At a distance of 6½ feet, this lens will project a 53" diameter image. Lenses for Dedolight Classic and 200 Series Imagers.