By: Visiontech Consulting  09-12-2011
Keywords: Revenue Growth

IT Consulting

Visiontech is an IT consulting leader that provides total solution packages to the public and private sectors. Our Digital Medium Methodology (DMM) is the simple, clear and extensible framework that tells our clients what is happening every step of the way. Whether we are analysing and restructuring primary systems for a retail business or bringing new, needed  technology to a professional firm, we will not leave good enough alone, we will leave it better. Quality, price and time are the legs that make success happen. Our experience, our rigorous and collaborative thinking and our DM methodology are the foundation on which we build your trust.

Web Design & Development

Web design and development is a core service for us and should be for any IT firm. The importance of making and managing a growing, relevant online presence for every client is essential; to do anything less will inhibit their growth and success.

Visiontech has designed and implemented over 50 sites from diverse industries like real estate, yacht management, career counselling and IT services. Our team likes challenges, studies emerging technologies and works hard to find innovative solutions that are cost effective and competitive.

Smart Phones and Mobile Services

People rely on smart phones to connect them to their systems at home, company data services and to the global pool of online information. This is a revolution in the way we live and do business. Smart phones like the Droid, iPhone and many others are essentially mobile computers that also happen to be a phone. These devices are light, small and easy to use. The smart phone is for many people becoming more important than a laptop. We build smartphone applications and create the backend to connect these powerful devices to what every you need and want. Entending your online presence on smart phones to serve clients and prospects is an intelligent part of a solid digital strategy.

Management Consulting

Visiontech has several core management consulting strengths. Our primary focus is top line revenue growth. Your company may be focused on revenue growth or survival, but, in either case revenue generation is essential. Reducing costs is always prudent, but without revenue, cutting costs is just not enough. Our expertise with a set of core business services that can lower costs, an end to end business strategy with tactical, operational revenue maintenance and the importance of your product and service postion in the digital domain lets you know that we fight for your success. If you are bleeding, we will stop it. If you are healthy, we will prep you for a marathon.

Keywords: Revenue Growth

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