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By: Visionpac  09-12-2011
Keywords: Security, Project Management, Voice over IP

Voice over IP

Our consultants have experience in VoIP solutions from Cisco (AVVID customer premise solutions), Nortel (central office hosted solutions) and Avaya solutions. Major concerns include security, off site management tools, and quality of service guarantees.

MPLS Consolidations

Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) consolidation is a general telecommunications trend to simplify core network technology offerings to a single data implementation. This reduces overall operating costs which are becoming an increasing factor in a companies overall success. Our associates have worked on implementations with large Cisco MPLS and Juniper technology switching offers. This experience includes the latest Martini drafts to carry ATM, FRAME Relay and Ethernet over an IP MPLS core. The largest hurdle is adequate quality of service monitoring to meet your service level agreement requirements


Shared core infrastructures present opportunities to improve security measures. Everything from identity management and authentication, to single sign on, authorization and auditing is required. Intrusion detection (hosted and network), firewall implementations, IP secure tunnels, encryption algorithms and policy applications make this a complicated environment. Let our associates help apply these measures to ensure your services can pass security standards audits.


Architecture provides the foundation for a solid operations support systems build. As such, it reduces overall costs and supports the scalability required to grow services. This is an area where standards compliance is both a major benefit in supporting new services and improving mean time to report and repair network service problems. Without this compliance an accurate topology of network services cannot be reflected in correlation engines to reduce service assurance costs. Our experience in inventory management systems and surveillance correlation solutions will be a major benefit to implementing your OSS infrastructures.

Project Management

Teamwork requires discipline to accomplish the tasks to build new services and support them. We have certified project management consultants to lead your teams. Phased approaches with checks and balances at each stage ensure projects remain on budget, on time, and within the defined scope. We have PM's with experience at leading project teams from 10 to 100 people.

Process Mapping

Inefficient process implementations are costly to business. Effective process mapping requires applying a standard framework mechanism (ie ITIL) that represents a best in class service management infrastructure. Detailed business analysis must be documented with groups, hand-offs, tools and costs identified in order to re-engineer to optimum process flows. Only then, can tool improvements be selected to support the new business process. VisionPac has experience in process mapping tools and functions

Technology Direction

Technologies continue to evolve at an exponential rate. Keeping abreast of the latest technology advances is daunting. VisionPac has associates that have been exposed to the latest network technologies from the major vendors (Cisco, Nortel, Alcatel, and Juniper). However the real world is a mix of new and old. How to make the old technologies (Frame Relay, ATM, SNA, X25) work with the new is an important aspect of leveraging the new technologies. VisionPac associates have worked with both.

Operational Support Systems - OSS

The number of OSS solution vendors has grown in the network and services management space. There are vendor specific solutions and the high end fully adaptive solutions that require a greater effort to implement. The business services offerings will determine the mix of solutions required. In all cases, standards compliance is important as a guide in framework designs to ensure scalability, adaptation for new technologies, and management efficiencies. VisionPac associates have worked with standards models from TMN and eTOM to design immediate OSS solutions and strategic directions. OSS designs included solutions from major OSS vendors and EML layer products (i.e. Alcatel, Agilent, Cisco, Cramer, HP, ISS, Lucent, MicroMuse, NetIQ, Nortel, Paradyne, Radview, Real Secure, Remedy, SUN, Symantec, Trendium, VisionAel, Vitria, xACCT etc.)

Business/Systems Analysis

Business analysis skills are required for accurate requirements definitions and correct documentations of processes and systems to ensure services can be supported going forward.

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Keywords: Mpls, Project Management, Security, Voice over IP