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By: Visapro  09-12-2011
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    Second, each case is special and unique to us; we offer outstanding personalised services and we pledge to thoroughly and creatively study, prepare and/or present your file in the way that best shows your merit. At every step of the process leading to final submission, we promise to be available and to offer perfectly tailored solutions to your needs.

    Finally, a detailed written document (eligibility assessment report, eligibility coaching plan, etc.) is included with all our Solution packages. In other words, by choosing, you get tangible rock solid results.


      Canada is a vast, stunning and prosperous country which foundation and History has been based on immigration. Safe and secure, Canada offers fair and equal opportunities to each and every member of its population. As a result, each year Canada grants close to 1 Million temporary resident visas, receives about 250 000 permanent residents and bestow Canadian citizenship to almost 200 000 people.

      For each category of applicant corresponds a specific type of official document, which makes the visa/immigration world vast and intricate. offers a wide range of professional services corresponding to each of these categories. With the aim of reducing the level of complexity, we organised these numerous professional services into 5 main programs: , , ,  and . All existing categories of visa/immigration and citizenship services fall under one of these 5 programs.

        • Temporary resident visa to visit Canada (also known and referred hereafter as Tourist visa)
        • Study permit (also known as Student visa)
        • Work permit (also known as Worker visa)
        • Transit visa
        • Temporary resident permit
          • Extension/renewal/amendment of visa or permit
          • Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (CAQ – Quebec acceptance certificate)
          • Labour market opinion (LMO)
            • Federal skilled worker class (also known as Skilled worker class with destination to any Canadian province/territory except Quebec)
            • Quebec-selected skilled workers (also known and referred hereafter as Quebec skilled worker class)
            • Canadian experience class
            • Business immigration class (investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed persons)
            • Provincial nominees
            • Family class (also known as Family reunification, and also known and referred hereafter as Family sponsorship)
              • Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ – Quebec selection certificate)
              • Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ – Quebec selection certificate) under the Programme de l’expérience québécoise (PEQ – Quebec experience program)
              • Arranged employment opinion (AEO)
              • Provincial nomination certificates
              • Travel document
              • Permanent resident card (initial issuance, replacement or renewal)
                • Becoming a Canadian citizen (also known as becoming Canadian citizen through naturalisation)
                • Claiming Canadian citizenship (for children born in Canada or to Canadian parents, or adopted by Canadian parents)
                • Resuming Canadian citizenship
                • Renouncing Canadian citizenship
                • Canadian citizenship certificate (initial issuance, replacement or renewal)

                In case you do not know at this time under which category you should apply, please simply skip this step and jumpstart to  to learn more about your options. Once you’ve decided which Solution package you wish to opt for, our free* Assessment form will help us identify the category suitable to your case.


                  We, at, also offer a wide range of supplementary services to simplify your application process and keep your application fees at a minimum.

                    An oath is basically a solemn declaration that a particular statement is true. An oath must be taken before a commissioner for oaths for it to be valid. Oaths are often used to confirm a written statement, known as an affidavit, for use in court, estate, land title transactions and many interactions with the Government of Canada. They are usually widely used in the immigration and citizenship fields. For instance, you might need the services of a commissioner for oaths to:

                    • Administer an oath, an affirmation, a solemn declaration or a sworn statement
                    • Certify a proof of loss
                    • Certify consent to travel documents and parent consent letters
                    • Certify photographs and copies of diplomas
                    • Certify a change of name application
                    • Certify a single status affidavit
                    • Certify a common law union statutory declaration
                    • Certify a statutory declaration regarding a lost, stolen, damaged, destroyed or never received passport or permanent resident card
                    • Certify a passport or permanent resident card application (in lieu of a guarantor)
                    • Certify signatures
                    • Witness officially the signature of a contract

                    We, at, are fully registered commissioner for oaths. You need to certify that your common law union is genuine for your family sponsorship application to be complete? You need certified photocopies of your diplomas for your work permit application to be ready for submission? No problem! Choose to proceed with the administration of the oaths you need and we guarantee you a professional and expedite service at a minimal flat fee… if not totally free!

                      The two official languages of Canada are English and French. For the vast majority of your dealings with the Government of Canada, knowledge of at least one official language is required, especially regarding forms to be completed and submitted for further analysis.

             offers a translation service for its clients who are not confident enough to provide written answers in either English or French and whose mother tongue is Romanian. If it’s your case, we can assist you by translating from Romanian to either English or French the answers you will provide in our Assessment form, so you can afterward submit a duly completed application and really have a shot at the desired visa or status!



Keywords: Labour Market, Professional Services, Temporary Resident, Work Permit

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In assessing whether to issue a tourist visa to an applicant, the visa officer will determine on a balance of probabilities, whether the potential visitor has a compelling reason for visiting, sufficient money to pay for the visit, and is liable to return to his home country at the end of the trip.

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The visa officer will not issue a temporary or a permanent resident visa to applicants destined to Quebec who have not met Quebec’s selection criteria even if these applicants would have been deemed admissible according to federal requirements. The Canada-Quebec Accord is an agreement, signed in 1991, which specifies that Quebec is solely responsible for the selection of applicants destined to the various regions and cities of Quebec.

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A permanent resident visa is essentially the material evidence that an official authorisation has been granted by the relevant authorities allowing a foreign person to enter, live and work anywhere in Canada for an undetermined period of time, conferring upon that person permanent resident status.

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On the other hand, to be eligible for this category, the Quebec graduate or future Quebec graduate must have conformed to his conditions as a foreign student and hold a Quebec diploma or expect to complete his study program within six months of the date on which his application is submitted.

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As a final step of the process, citizenship applicants are invited to a citizenship ceremony where they will take the oath of citizenship and receive, from the citizenship judge, their certificate of Canadian citizenship in exchange of their permanent resident card.

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While some obscure firms charge their clients exorbitant fees for a generic and anonymous service, we, at, do take the time to deeply analyse each aspect of your case and diligently verify or prepare your file at flat fees anywhere between 25% and 90% cheaper than those of our main competitors.