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No more hourly billing*; implements flat fees for most of its professional services. That means no more stress caused by unclear ever-growing final bills. Unlike 99% of our competitors, we are not afraid of posting our price list on our Web site. We thoroughly screened the market and we know we are the best!


Your case is urgent and you wish to speed up the process a little? For most combinations of professional service and solution package, there is a possibility to opt for our emergency service. For a little extra, you make sure your file sits first on our “to-do” list, so we can speed up the process by 300% on average, sometimes even more. For more information, please and enquire about our emergency service option.

We, at, can guarantee only what we have total control on: our specialised, personalised, affordable and honest service. Although no case is ever given further treatment unless we are fully convinced of its imminent success, the Government of Canada keeps sole decision power in granting or not a permit, a visa or citizenship. For more details about what we cannot guarantee or what we cannot be held responsible for, please read carefully the “What we cannot promise you” section pertaining to the solution package suitable to your case.

  • Application fees payable to the Government of Canada for any visa, immigration or citizenship service/document
  • Qualifications/equivalences assessment fees payable to professional bodies
  • Medical examination fees
  • Language test expenses and fees
  • Travel fees
  • Shipping fees
  • Translation fees
  • Notarisation and certification fees

While some obscure firms charge their clients exorbitant fees for a generic and anonymous service, we, at, do take the time to deeply analyse each aspect of your case and diligently verify or prepare your file at flat fees anywhere between 25% and 90% cheaper than those of our main competitors.

Because our fees are much lower that those of our main competitors, each solution package chosen needs to be fully paid in one single payment before our analysts start assessing or reviewing your case. Once the payment has been confirmed and the signed/dated service contract has been received, analysts will proceed with your file and regularly keep you updated on its status.

All prices are calculated in Canadian dollars (CAD). Payments can be made alternatively in Euros (€) and Romanian New Lei (RON). Exchange rates vary and are established daily upon request.

We, at, are fully dedicated to provide outstanding personalised services and full flexibility to make sure we acquire our clients' trust and satisfaction. For simplicity and rapidity, we are pleased to offer our clients the following preferred methods of payments§:

  • Caisses Desjardins electronic funds transfer
  • Bank of Montreal (BMO) electronic funds transfer
  • Emporiki Bank electronic funds transfer
  • PayPal electronic funds transfer

Our clients can also opt for any of the following additional accepted methods of payment:

  • Canada Post money order
  • Bank draft
  • Canadian banks check**
  • Western Union money transfer
  • MoneyGram money transfer
  • Hard currency (cash)✝✝
  • Major credit cards (through PayPal)

Congratulations for making the right decision to protect your dream with Now that you’ve identified either the  ‡‡ under which you wish to apply and chosen the appropriate §§ for your needs, and now that you agreed with the flat fee applicable to your case specified in our ***, please follow the simple steps described below in order to proceed with your order:

  1. Select the method of payment you prefer from the options available to you. Then, to let us know what category of services (if known) and solution package you’ve chosen and what method of payment you’ve selected. If you wish to select our  option, please mention it clearly in your email. We suggest you attach to your email a scanned copy of your signed service contract, so we can start analysing your file as soon as possible.

    If you choose to pay us through/with/by sending us a:

    1. Electronic funds transfer to one of our 3 bank accounts, we will provide you with the account information required to proceed with the payment
    2. Canada Post money order, bank draft or Canadian bank check to our attention by mail/courier, we will let you know once payment has been received
    3. Hard currency (cash), we will settle an appointment at our Montreal office
  2. Unless inapplicable to your case✝✝✝, carefully complete (fill out) the and send it to us by email (the electronic/unsigned version or the handwritten scanned/signed copy), so we can start analysing your file at once.
  3. Then, ship to our attention the original signed paper copy of the assessment form by postal service, unless inapplicable to your case.
  4. Within few working days, you will receive an update from us regarding your file including an approximate timetable for the release of our final report/plan/application form.
  5. Few working days later‡‡‡, you will receive our final written report, be it in the form of a technical file review report, an eligibility coaching plan, or a completed application form with your name on it.

It is as simple as that! By choosing, you get the job done.. at a fraction of the price!

The assessment form is our primary working tool; we, at, use it to get most of the information required about our clients.

All clients need to complete (fill out) the assessment form, regardless of the  they apply for and the  they opted for. The only exception is for clients looking to get a because we will review their already-completed application form(s) and supporting documentation instead of analysing an assessment form. All other clients opting for our , our or our need to complete an assessment form.

Obviously, other sources or means of information such as supporting documentation, online interviews, etc. will be used, but 90% of the information we require to perform our duty comes from the assessment forms completed by our clients. Therefore, the quality of our analysis and recommendations is primarily based on the validity, the accuracy and the meticulousness of the information provided by our clients. Do not precipitate this crucial step. Writing erroneous/incomplete or false/fake information might not only delay the process, but it might also prevent you from getting the status/document you need.

There are three versions of our assessment form: one for all categories of temporary residence visas and services (programs 1 and 2), one for all categories of permanent residence visas and services (programs 3 and 4), and one for all categories of Canadian citizenship services (program 5). All three versions of our assessment form are divided in chapters, sections and parts.

Please identify the suitable assessment form and carefully complete all sections and parts relating to your case. If some specific questions within these relevant sections/parts do not apply to your case, mark each of them with a “N/A” sign (not applicable); do not leave them blank as we might interpret that as an unknown status/answer or a refusal to answer. However, in case a whole section/part does not apply to your case, simply tick the box titled “No, this section/part does not apply to my case” at the beginning of that specific section or part and leave the following questions of this specific section/part blank. Each section/part should be duly signed by the person who completed it, and each page of such completed sections/parts should be duly initialled by that same person (at the bottom-right corner).

Clear instructions are written on all three versions of the assessment form; please read them attentively before starting. All three versions of our assessment form are quite voluminous and can be intimidating at first sight; please keep in mind that many sections will not apply to your case and will therefore be left blank, which should reduce significantly the number of pages to fill-out. It might take anywhere between 30 minutes and few hours to complete thoroughly the assessment form depending on your case. All three assessment forms are in MS Word format§§§; please save your document frequently to avoid complications, and revise it attentively before submission.

Our service contract is a legal document aiming at protecting both our clients and It enumerates and describes what is included/excluded in our solution packages, what is allowed/not allowed to be done with the information available on our forms and Web site, and what we can or cannot promise as a Canadian Immigration Consultancy (CIC) firm.

To be properly authorised to start working on your file, we need a clear and readable signed paper copy of the service contract form. Once completed (filled-out), dated and signed (you should put your initials on each page, at the bottom-right corner), please ship or deliver to us as soon as possible your service contract, along with all required documentation such as assessment form, application form(s), supporting documentation, etc.


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Keywords: Solution Package

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