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By: Virtual Risk Manager  09-12-2011

One of the pioneers in predictive modeling, Interactive Driving Systems® has been helping clients support their most 'at-risk' drivers since 1999. DriverINDEX® is the next link in the chain following your drivers 'pro-active' RoadRISK® assessment. Once the RoadRISK® assessment has identified your drivers strengths and weaknesses, DriverINDEX® can then call in data from various 'data universes' to strengthen the predictive nature of the assessment.

As not all clients have or want the full range of data available to them to be included in DriverINDEX® for either practical, data protection / privacy concerns or lack of availability, DriverINDEX® has been built to enable clients to effectively grow their own custom predictive modeling tool. In this way, clients can start gently as they get use to the power of the technique and grow as their driver safety culture embraces the opportunity.Bob Heinisch, VP Safety, Eagle Transport:'We (Eagle) have been using DriverINDEX® for the last 9 years to help our terminal and safety managers identify their most at risk drivers for further support and training. Combining MVR, Crash / Collision and SafeStat data has enabled Eagle to develop a predictive model that stops incidents before they happen, identifies the specific interventions required to help drivers overcome their weaknesses and deliver targeted training where it is most required. The key to our success is total transparency with our drivers and objectivity of the data. We do not allow anything in our model that our drivers can dispute'.DriverINDEX® is not designed to swamp a client with data for endless review and analysis - it is designed to present the information that matters in an easy to follow format enabling drivers and managers alike to review their progress towards creating a crash free culture together as a team.

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