By: Videoboost  09-12-2011
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These are successful video communication approaches that are helping our customers boost! their business relationships:

  • Executive Website Welcome - every corporate web-site should have short welcome from the president, on camera, welcoming employees, stake-holders, stock-holders and prospective customers. Studies show a short video gives the corporation a human touch and assures customers that there is a leader and a vision, and that someone competent is in control.
  • Corporate & Training Intranet video presentations - create videos of special corporate announcements, training, executive messages including slides, animations, powerpoint presentations and broadcast them from your web-site to associates around the world.
  • Corporate or Product Overview - specializing in Manufacturing, Industrial, Construction, Light industry, High Tech manufacturing, usually a three to five minute overview of the services your company offers, or the product features you would like to introduce to your potential customers. Up beat, demonstrates capability, efficiency, factual, to the point, supports other sales material or a salesperson. We want to leave them wanting more.
  • Employee Orientation Video- an overview of the company management, their vision statement and an inspirational message from the president and the company goals. These videos are designed to be motivating and confirm the employee's pride in joining this organization. Company values, leadership and human resources are key features. This video provides excellent value and consistency in detailing the vision and goals of management.
  • Writing, Scripting, Training, Powerpoint Presentations- often we're called upon to help design the Training content of a video, to “get it down” quickly, or build the content into a training powerpoint presentation. Easily done, and great value.
  • Process Control, Quality Process Video - these training videos are essential elements of effective quality control procedures. Often a video is the fastest and most economical method of documenting the correct methods matched with the correct processes. It's so simple, but it is so often overlooked, and costs much more later in defective processes.
  • Executive Messaging, Executive Retreat documentation - leaders need to lead, and that means to be in regular communication and provide the direction for the team. Excellent value for your employees. Often Executive Retreats need documentation as the senior team comes together to understand the vision, direction and goals of the organization.
  • Executive Interviews, Executive Quarterly Updates for Employees - these are communication videos with senior executives in a comfortable surrounding, designed to be informative yet relaxed and informal. Great for helping the look of your executive on camera.
  • Morale Boosters and Event Video - sometimes it's just time for some fun video of your employees and management having fun together. Perhaps it's a holiday theme, or a party, or celebration, or a special corporate event? Great keepsake. Everyone loves to see someone they know on TV.
  • Retirement/Tribute Video on DVD - nothing says it better than a video gift from the team wishing a boss well into retirement. What a great keepsake. Lasts forever.
  • Employee Recruitment Video - are you looking for top talent? Why not use a short video on your website of employee testimonials? Do you go to recruitment fairs? Do you interview? How about a video testimonial from the people who actually work for you and are responsible for your successes? We can get some great comments that really hit home. A powerful tool to help you attract top talent. 
  • BioVideographies, Tributes and Awards Ceremonies - create lasting biographies of your leaders and their stories of accomplishment. These are inspirational stories of the leaders who made successful companies and how they got to where they are today. These are wonderful lasting legacies for the future leaders and for their employees.

Keywords: Video