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By: Vida A In  09-12-2011

How many hours a week do you spend putting on make-up? How much money do you spend every year on new make-up? With permanent make-up, you never have to apply eyeliner, lip-liner, or brow-liner again.

The idea of permanent make-up has been around for quite some time, though the procedure has been greatly improved in recent years. People with thin or no eyebrows or eyelashes, due to old age, chemotherapy, genetic imbalances, alopecia, or other issues often find themselves wishing to save both time and money from having to apply and reapply eye-liner and brow-liner every single day before leaving the house. Permanent make-up tattoos brows and eyeliner onto foreheads and eyelids with realistic and long-lasting results. Thin lips can be filled with permanent lip-liners as well.

Here at Vida Emanuel, we offer several forms of permanent make-up, listed below. All of our materials are sterile and disposable, and the procedure is painless thanks to recent advances in the world of permanent make-up.

Eyebrow $350 – $750
Upper Eyelid $350
Lower Eyelid $350
Upper and Lower Eyelids $600
Lip Liner $500
Lip Liner and Blending $700
The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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