Kelowna Permanent Hair Removal

By: Vibrance Wellness Spa  09-12-2011

I.P.L. Photo rejuvenation Facial

Treats sun damage, freckles, fine lines, broken capillaries and redness. The treatment also stimulates collagen through intense pulsed light.

I.P.L. Acne Clearance

Intense Pulse Light eliminates the bacteria that causes acne and helps close the pores.

Microdermabrasion Facial

Exfoliates the skin eliminating sun damage, scarring, and fine lines through a vibration method and skin enhancing after infusion of product.

Radio Frequency Skin Firming Treatment

Uses radio frequency wavelengths to stimulate collagen production and reduces the dimpling appearance of cellulite while toning and firming. Also promotes inch loss of 1 to 3 inches per session. 1/2 hour session - 1 body part.

Pedicure on the Go

Soak your tired feet and enjoy a heated foot soak with mineral salts, followed by toenail and cuticle grooming. After a quick buffing around the edges relax with a hydrating foot mask or paraffin treatment. A fresh dash of colour will end your pedicure on the go.

Gel Nails

Beautify the look of your hands and add a glamorous touch with gel nails.
Full Set (includes colours/decals/jewels): $40.00
Overlay (gel over the natural nail): $30.00
Fill: $10.00

Resurfacing Peel

Exfoliates with microcrystals followed by a 20% glycolic peel and hydrating treatment.

Skin Tightening

Uses radiofrequency wavelengths to stimulate collagen production and minimalize wrinkles.
Eyelift: $35.00
Chinlift: $40.00
Full Facial: $70.00

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