X100-7 Detector for Gamma Radiation

By: VertMarkets  09-12-2011

Order #
Active Area Size (mm) Dark
Capacitance (pF) Gamma-Energy
Eγ (KeV)
CsJ (TI)
γ-Fenster³ Ø (mm) Datasheet
10x10 5 80 >5 no Black Epoxy
10x10 5 80 >5 no Black Epoxy

*Active Area = 100 mm²

Recent nuclear events have raised awareness of risks from nuclear radiation and created a demand for commercial as well as personal radiation detection devices. Nuclear radiation meters based on silicon solid state detectors such as the X100-7 provide a reliable and inexpensive solution for radiation monitoring.

High performance solid state radiation detectors use the conversion of nuclear radiation into visible light by a costly scintillator crystal. However, inexpensive detectors rely on direct absorption in the silicon.

Since the probability of direct absorption of such gamma energies in silicon is relatively low, large area, low capacitance and low noise detectors such as the X100-7 are essential.

First Sensor offers the X100-7 both in a ceramic SMD package as well as a ceramic 2-pin THD package in sample quantity up to high volume production. Custom specific options including thicker silicon, fully depletable chip designs or scintillator coupled devices are available upon request. Please contact us for further details.


  • 100 mm² PIN detector
  • Light blocking encapsulant
  • Low dark current
  • Low capacitance
  • High shunt resistance
  • High sensitivity


  • Ionizing radiation detector
  • Medical equipment
  • Personal dosimeter

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