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By: Veronics  09-12-2011
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Veronics Instruments takes great pride in offering after sales service that is second to none. Our factory trained personnel can provide you with the skilled assistance you require. In addition to servicing all of the product we supply from such trusted names as GE Industrial Sensing, Panametrics, General Eastern, Seametrics, U.E. Systems, Ogden, Protimeter and Automation Service, we also provide the following calibration and specialty services;


  • N.I.S.T. Traceable Calibration of GE Industrial Sensing, Panametrics and General Eastern Moisture Analyzers, probes and transmitters. Veronics Instruments Inc. has an in house Calibration facility. We manufacture our own gas and pass it through a state of the art desiccant drier system. We then use the Optical Chilled Mirror as a Primary standard Reference and GEIS N.I.S.T. traceable thin film aluminium oxide reference probes. With all Moisture calibrations we provide individual calibration data sheets. New in 2011 we have added additional software for enhanced repeatability checks on every moisture sensor calibrated.
  • N.I.S.T. Traceable Calibration Of Pressure Sensors and Calibrators. Veronics Instruments Inc now has in-house pressure calibration capabilities for full scale ranges from 5 to 1000 PSIG including Negative Gauge and 0.2 to 1000 PSIA using a Ruska 2465 gas piston gauge.  Set up in our new state of the art climate controlled laboratory, this system achieves a total uncertainty of 0.0011% of reading (11 ppm) all traceable to the National Institute of Standards Technology.
  • N.I.S.T. Traceable Calibration Of Process Calibrators Including Electrical (Voltage and Current), RTDs, Thermocouples, Resistance
  • N.I.S.T. traceable Flow Testing of all GEIS and Panametrics Clamp-On Liquid Flow Transducers and Flowmeters with N.I.S.T. traceable documentation
  • Calibration and adjustment of all U.E. Systems Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment
  • Calibration or full remanufacture of your existing Rosemount, Foxboro and Honeywell Transmitters, pneumatic controllers, electronic and pneumatic recorders; Moore Controllers and Fisher Valves, positioners and regulators.

Specialty Services

  • On-Site Liquid Flow Studies – Veronics factory trained technicians can provide you with flow measurements using our Portable Non Intrusive PT878 Transit Time Clamp-On flowmeter for pipe sizes 1/2″ to 200″. Our flowmeters are equipped with thickness measurement capabilities for accuracy and Built-in data logging for complete reporting of data.
  • On-Site Gas Flow Studies – Veronics factory trained technicians can provide you with flow measurements using our Portable Non Intrusive PT878-GC Transit Time Clamp-On flowmeter for pipe sizes 1/2″ to 36″. Our flowmeters are equipped with thickness measurement capabilities for accuracy and Built-in data logging for complete reporting of data. Specific minimum pressure and maximum velocities requirements must be met. Contact us for more information.
  • On-Site Moisture Measurements – Veronics can perform spot moisture measurements of your process gases, compressed air, breathing systems, air blast and SF6 breakers laser chambers and much more. Using the GEIS PM880 Portable Moisture analyzer with fast response software we can have readings in minutes with little to no gases lost.
  • Compressed Air Audits – Compressed air is one the most expensive consumables found in industry today. Veronics Ultrasound Technicians will find and report your leaks using U.E. Systems Advanced Ultrasonic Leak Detection Systems.
  • Steam Trap Surveys – With the help of the U.E. Systems Ultrasonic Inspection System Veronics can perform Steam Trap Surveys at your location and take the guess work out of Steam Trap Maintenance.
  • Condition Based Lubrication Programs – Over lubrication is the leading cause of bearing failure today. Veronics can perform this service for you or help you set up your own condition based Lubrication program to ensure proper lubrication without over lubrication.
  • Bearing Inspection – Veronics ultrasound Technicians can perform mechanical inspections including bearing inspection. We can establish baselines, predict when bearings require lubrication and detect the onset of minor or catastrophic failure. We can also help you implement your own system.

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Transmitters | Veronics Instruments Inc

The Veridri Moisture Transmitter provides Dryer Manufacturers and other OEM’s with the means to make simple accurate and reliable moisture measurements with a wide variety of Dewpoint ranges. The MMY30 is specifically designed to measure dew point or ppm at line pressure or atmospheric pressure for control of desiccant air dryers. The MMY31 mounts directly in-line for applications such as glove boxes, where a bypass is not appropriate.


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The PM880 system consists of the battery-powered moisture analyzer, moisture probes, battery charger, cables and accessories, and is packaged in a durable soft carrying case with a handle and shoulder strap. When purchased with the internal sample system option, a built-in moisture probe and sampling system with process connections are included, making it a completely self-contained hygrometer system.


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The Protimeter MMS (Moisture Measurement System) combines moisture meter and hygrometer functionality in one instrument to give full moisture measurement and dampness diagnostic capability. The Grainmaster i and the Grainmaster 900e meters enable the user to measure moisture and temperature levels in ground samples of a wide range of crops.


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We produce our own very dry reference gas and use a primary standard, the Optica Chilled Mirror hygrometer, as our reference, the MG101 as a calibrated Moisture Generator and the Legacy Brand of Panametrics Microprocessor based hygrometers as a secondary reference and for recording of data. Accurate field calibration/verification of moisture sensors. Repeatable levels of water vapour in a carrier gas.


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The Optica measures dew point temperature by regulating the temperature of a polished metal mirror by the use of optical feedback such that a constant mass of dew or frost is maintained. The temperature of the mirror is measured with a precise PRTD and is by definition equal to the dew or frost point. This Primary Standard has the following Features and Benefits.


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The system response is dependent on the length of sample tubing, sample system components, flow rate and pressure, as well as the change in moisture concentration. This multifunction analyzer uses charts, graphs and windows to display any of six parameters for as many as six channels simultaneously on a large, backlit LCD.