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Dealing with monetary issues can be confusing. We understand. The friendly professionals of the City of Vernon Finance Department are pleased to help you with your financial needs in a manner that makes sense to you.

The following is a list of our services:

We also liaise with the Council appointed auditors for the complete audit of the financial records and attestation of the accurateness and reasonableness of the annual financial statements.

We process approximately 11,000 supplier invoices annually and prepare 5,400 cheques to suppliers. Cheques are issued weekly to ensure timely payment of invoices and to take advantage of supplier discounts where offered.

Our cashiers are available Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM to receive payment for all fees and charges levied by the City. These include utility bills, property taxation, other invoices, business licences, building permits, development fees, parking meter fines and miscellaneous fees. The City generally accepts cash, cheques and debit cards. Under certain circumstances there may be a requirement for payment by way of a certified cheque or bank draft.

To avoid line-ups, particularly during due dates for taxes and utilities, you are encouraged to drop-off or mail in post dated cheques. However, you must ensure that these payments are received prior to the due date to avoid a penalty. The City has also made available an equal payment plan for property taxes and you are encouraged to take advantage of this automatic payment method.

The City is responsible for the operation of Pleasant Valley Cemetery, the sale of cemetery plots, interment permits, marker permits, scheduling burials and the maintenance of burial records.

The operation of the cemetery is subject to the Provincial laws and regulations as well as the City bylaw. The City bylaw provides for control of plot sizes, headstone markers, flower stands and related items. It also provides for fees for interments and related costs.

Property Taxes

Property Tax Due Date – First working day after July 1st

City Hall Hours:

Monday to Friday – 8:30am to 4:30pm

Important Notice:

We prepare and mail approximately 19,000 property tax notices annually.  All property tax notices are mailed annually in the third week of May.  Property owners who have not received their tax notice by the second week of June should contact the Revenue Branch at 250-545-1361.  New property owners are responsible for payment of their annual property taxes by the due date to avoid penalty, whether or not they receive a Property Tax Notice.

To avoid a penalty of 10%, payments and properly completed applications for the Home Owner Grant (HOG) must be received on the Property Tax Due Date, without exception. It is not necessary to make payment in order to apply for the HOG. HOG Applications must include your home phone number.

Home Owner Grants
Please note that the Home Owner Grant can also be applied for online. Visit  and follow the links to apply for your HOG. You will need to know your FOLIO NUMBER and your ACCESS CODE both are located on the top portion of your Property Tax Notice.

Property Tax Estimator

Home Owner Grants

If you have your property tax statement you can claim your Home Owner Grant online. With ehog, all you need is your Folio number and Access code.

Tax Sale

Any properties that have delinquent taxes (unpaid taxes from the two previous years) will be sold for taxes at the annual tax sale on the last Monday of September. The original property owners have one full year to redeem ownership of the property by paying all outstanding taxes and charges related to that property. If these amounts are not paid, then the original owner and all registered lien holders will lose their rights to that property and it will become the sole ownership of the individual purchasing the property at the tax sale.

We are responsible for the billing and collection for various services provided. These include work undertaken by City crews for specific properties; false alarm bylaw billings; services provided to other governments; property rental and lease fees and special project services.

The City manages large cash balances and we are tasked with investing surplus cash to maximize the return on investment, ensuring that the investment is secure and taxpayer's funds are not at risk. The investments must also provide for correct timing to ensure that funds are available as required to meet the City's commitments.

Our department initiates the required bylaws and supporting information related to long and short term borrowing, maintaining the records related to these borrowings, including the value of sinking funds associated with long-term debt.

Our division prepares the quarterly utility invoices for water, sewer, garbage, and recycling customers. Approximately 14,000 invoices are sent to customers as follows:

  Billing Period Month to expect bill Month of Due Date
(30+ days after issuance)
1st Quarter January 1 - March 31 April May
2nd Quarter April 1 - June 30 July August
3rd Quarter July 1 - September 30 October November
4th Quarter October 1 - December 31 January February

For general inquiries, contact us at 250-545-1361, or fax 250-545-7876.

Keywords: Property Taxes, Tax Notice

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Property Taxes > Finance > Services > City of Vernon, British Columbia Canada

Your annual tax notice includes ALL property taxes - those imposed by the City and those imposed by other governing jurisdictions. The assessed value of property for tax purposes is determined by the British Columbia Assessment Authority. Send the cheque with your completed and signed Home Owner Grant application to City Hall. The annual Tax Notice has the Home Owner Grant Application form attached.


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City of Vernon, British Columbia Canada

Provide training and development opportunities that allow staff to meet personal needs and goals within, and consistent with corporate goals and objectives. Provide the benefit program service providers including the Municipal Pension Plan with current employee data. Meet all statutory reporting and remittance obligations related to employee pay. Remit benefit premium payments to the various carriers and service providers.


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