City of Vernon, British Columbia Canada

By: Vernon  09-12-2011

Human Resources Division Goal

The Human Resources Division’s goal is facilitate the development of programs, policies, and procedures that:
  • Attract and retain the best staff at all levels of the organization;
  • Promote effective and efficient utilization of the City’s human resources;
  • Establish and maintain a stable and positive employer/employee and union/management relationship;
  • Promote and develop succession planning;
  • Promote safety and reduce the human and economic hardships which result from accidents/injuries;
  • Deliver compensation and benefits programs that balance Corporate and employee needs;
  • Provide training and development opportunities that allow staff to meet personal needs and goals within, and consistent with corporate goals and objectives.

Division Functions

Payroll and Benefits
  • Process bi-weekly pay.
  • Meet all statutory reporting and remittance obligations related to employee pay.
  • Remit benefit premium payments to the various carriers and service providers (medical, dental, extended health, life insurance and disability plans).
  • Provide employees with information on benefits including the Municipal Pension Plan.
  • Provide the benefit program service providers including the Municipal Pension Plan with current employee data.
Occupational Health and Safety
  • Ensure compliance with WCB Regulation.
  • Recommend and administer the City’s Safety Program.
  • Coordinate the City’s safety programs.
  • Conduct worksite safety inspections.
  • Coordinate and/or deliver safety training.
  • Provide advice and support to Safety Committees.
Employee Relations
  • Coordinate the Annual Employee Recognition, Service and Retirement Awards.
  • Administer the Annual Employee Satisfaction Survey.
Labour Relations
  • Interpret and apply the collective agreement(s).
  • Provide advice leading to the consistent application of the collective agreement(s).
  • Identify collective bargaining issues, and participate in contract negotiations.
  • Resolve workplace conflict.
  • Administer the City’s salary plans including those established through collective agreements and those approved by Council.
  • Establish compensation levels for newly created or materially changed positions.
  • Resolve salary administration questions/concerns.
  • Conduct salary research, participate in peer salary surveys, and provide input into wage negotiations.
Recruitment and Staffing
  • Manage city-wide external recruitment and internal staff movement; advertise, post, interview and select.
  • Coordinate and conduct new employee orientations.
  • Manage specialized recruitment campaigns including Summer Student, Firefighter, Labourer and Part-time Secretarial.
  • Manage part-time relief secretarial assignments.
Training and Development
  • Recommend and deliver training and development programs.
  • Evaluate and recommend competitive benefit program alternatives.
  • Evaluate and administer policy.
Succession Planning
  • Establish succession plans that support stable service delivery to internal and external customers during employee transitions.

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Property Taxes > Finance > Services > City of Vernon, British Columbia Canada

Your annual tax notice includes ALL property taxes - those imposed by the City and those imposed by other governing jurisdictions. The assessed value of property for tax purposes is determined by the British Columbia Assessment Authority. Send the cheque with your completed and signed Home Owner Grant application to City Hall. The annual Tax Notice has the Home Owner Grant Application form attached.


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A copy of the contract must be given to the finance utility department in order to waive our garbage collection Fee. Based on January, February, March consumption, and.


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The City Planner oversees the short range planning and development aspects of the Department duties while the Chief Building Inspector oversees the inspections carried out by department staff. Overview Planning & Building Services is responsible for the implementation of many of the municipal bylaws & policies related to the planning and growth of the community.


Engineering > Planning, Development & Engineering Services > Services > City of Vernon, British Columbia Canada

The Engineering Department is responsible for planning, designing, budgeting and administering the City's infrastructure including, but not limited to, roads, sidewalks, traffic control, sanitary sewer and storm drainage. Reviews and approves private development proposals to ensure developments are constructed in accordance with the City's engineering standards as outlined in the Subdivision & Development Servicing Bylaw.


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Road restrictions within the City of Vernon are currently all lifted as of May 5. The Operation Division is responsible for the following City services. The Operations Services Division business location is 1900 - 48 Ave.


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New property owners are responsible for payment of their annual property taxes by the due date to avoid penalty, whether or not they receive a Property Tax Notice. To avoid a penalty of 10%, payments and properly completed applications for the Home Owner Grant must be received on the Property Tax Due Date, without exception.