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By: Vericore System  09-12-2011

Web Design Produces Positive Impressions

Professional web design is critical to gaining the trust of your website users. First impressions are created in the first few seconds a visitor spends on your website. This is all the time your business has to convey the image you are trying to build. If your site performs poorly, is hard to navigate, or is confusing with its imagery, trust in your product or service is instantly undermined. Effective web design incorporates many elements into its success:

Information Architecture

An intuitive, well-designed website will quickly guide users to their goals. A complex and confusing hierarchy makes finding needed information frustrating and difficult.


A navigation system should guide visitors easily through all levels of a website. Employing navigation standards can drastically improve usability performance.



Accessibility refers primarily to the technical ability of users to access and move through your site, making sure that content is accessible and visible in all browsers and without special actions.


The usability of content itself is often overlooked, but its importance cannot be overstated. The descriptive nature of headlines, accuracy of information and the quality of content all factor into a site’s ability to influence visitors.

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Finding talented that can distill your business- your ethics, your company goals- into a graphical representation is essential. Everything from your business cards to your annual reports should reflect the professional identity of your company. Furthering that brand with a that incorporates,, and goal oriented can increase your overall strategy exponentially. VIA has the experience and the talent to find the identity your company deserves.


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Arthur C. Clarke“Hazards of Prophecy: The Failure of Imagination” Profiles of the Future. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.


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Furthermore, data collection on the internet is simple and easy to adapt, providing concrete evidence of the value of marketing investment. VIA’s extensive experience in traditional media has contributed greatly to our our success in internet media and vice versa. Create awareness in your target demographic with online contests that require engagement. Online games and video competitions engage users and create brand awareness.


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VIA focuses on improving processes by using innovative interactive and and solutions for clients interested in finding more efficient and effective ways to interact with their customers or constituents.


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With so many sites on the Internet, a site cannot achieve success without web marketing strategies in place to help people find it. Web analytics allow us to develop and refine campaigns immediately, increasing their effectiveness. Without web analytics in place, you won’t know how well you’re strategy is working. The Internet is the most effective and cost efficient marketing media there is. How long an average visitor stays.