Primac - Job Ticket System

By: Vercom  09-12-2011
Keywords: Custom Work, Visual Studio, Ticket System

Primac's Job Ticket System (JTS) is a flexible tool for designing and implementing custom work tickets that uniquely fit your job information requirements. This system allows users to define and maintain multiple ticket layouts that reflect diverse product lines. Using the Microsoft Visual Studio Development environment and Primac's custom plugins you can create more than just job tickets by pulling in data from any number of systems within your work ticket. The Job Ticket system uses the Microsoft Visual Studio development environment to create work tickets without the need to learn any programming.

Once the job jacket is designed, data from the associated estimate, job, and finished goods item file flows into it. The extensive instructions that can be stored in the estimate can flow to the job jacket along with paper, inks, equipment, work centers, quantities, etc. Delays and errors associated with redundant data entry are eliminated. You can even capture additional information not already in the estimate. Viewing the latest version of the job on-line in the plant greatly reduces the possibility of errors.


  • Completely integrate your job ticket data with Enterprise-wide data retrieval not only from Primac production modules (Job Estimating, Roll Label Estimating, Job Costing, Order Processing Finished Goods files) but with data from databases such as Oracle or Microsoft SQL, to make the Job Ticket Application a complete source of Job specifications.
  • By using the JT Framework (JTF) designer and Visual Studio IDE, you create your own customized Windows compatible ticket application by using a WYSIWYG designer.
  • Design your ticket layout to be specific to your customer, plant, process or product. Tickets may be designed in multiple formats to suit your needs. Ticket formats may be selected by the user or set to automatically select based on your criteria, such as by product line. JTF can be used to create other documents such as Quality Control checklists, Pallet tags, Quote letters or Order Acknowledgements.
  • Eliminate re-keying and potential errors by cloning tickets for repeat or similar jobs, or build template jobs tickets to simplify entry of repetitive jobs or jobs without estimates. When cloning, fields are copied based on your requirements.
  • Use paperless tickets directly on your shop floor work station or design ticket print to meet your requirements with all the design functions of Crystal Reports. Interactive ticket layout design includes features such as check boxes, buttons, drop-down boxes and tab pages.
  • Tickets retain history of change orders, including time/date and user stamps for effective change order control. History allows the user to roll-back to a previous version. Red flags mark fields with changes for easy visibility.
  • Use powerful search abilities to pinpoint the ticket desired. Clone tickets directly from the search results screen.
  • Clone tickets for similar jobs to automatically copy specs and production information to the new ticket.
  • Access enterprise data from even Non-Primac systems

Keywords: Custom Work, Flexible Tool, Job Jacket, Studio Development, Ticket System, Visual Studio,

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