Primac - Job Estimating

By: Vercom  09-12-2011
Keywords: job costing, Design Philosophy, Production Scheduling

Primac's Job Estimating module meets a wide and varying demands for Estimating Print Jobs. It provides the flexibility to support different types of printing, including custom long-run, standardized short-run, roll label, case-bound book manufacturing, folding carton, flexographic and converting.

Inherent in the design philosophy of the different estimating systems is the recognition of estimating as more than simply providing the customer with a quote for a job. The Job Estimating System is the basis for detailed instructions fed to the plant, for each individual job fed to the Production Scheduling System, for the Job Jacket produced by the Job Ticket Framework, and for the estimate-to-actual comparisons within the Job Costing System. The Job Estimating System provides the estimator with the means to provide the customer with an accurate quote and to initiate the job seamlessly within the plant.


  • Calculates web, multi-web (up to four webs, with varying paper on each web), sheet fed, and roll label presses.
  • Can immediately populate table-driven custom Job Jackets from the estimate's data that flows directly from the Job Estimating System to the Job Jacket, eliminating double entry and increasing efficiency.
  • Allows users to keep track of jobs won and lost by salesperson, estimator, job type, press, customer, and competitor. Analyze why you win or lose bids.
  • Provides for user-defined difficulty factors for any operation such as make-ready, run, press configuration, etc. The user is allowed to build precise estimate difficulties by operation and by production requirement.
  • Supports up to 16 different components per estimate.
  • Calculates up to 99 different quantity quotes for customers on a single estimate record.
  • Provides the ability to clone from current and standard estimates or to revise current estimates.
  • The "Group" is an important feature in the Job Estimating System. The estimator does not key in redundant operational steps and materials. Rather, the estimator builds numerous "Groups" of commonly used operational steps and materials by cost center. Then the estimator simply selects the proper "Group" and it is exploded into the estimate.
  • Allows estimates with multiple components to be booked as master jobs and sub-jobs for scheduling and tracking.
  • Allows the user to define the equipment, operations, and standards.
  • Allows users to define and install markups throughout the estimate, ranging from general markups at the corporate level, all the way down to a particular operation.
  • Provides "What-if?" manipulation of markups and/or price per thousand to establish the most desirable selling price to win the business and generate a profit.
  • Supports the entry of a "market price" on an estimate and instructs the system to calculate all appropriate mark-ups in order to arrive at this "market price."

Keywords: Design Philosophy, job costing, Job Jacket, Production Scheduling,

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