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By: Ventures Interactive  09-12-2011
Keywords: Internet Marketing, Web Development

General Information About Ventures Interactive

Ventures Interactive is a Denver-based Web Development and Internet Marketing company with a world-wide client-base.

We take a vendor-neutral approach to each project - finding the best solution to fit the needs of each client, not forcing clients into a pre-determined list of reseller products or solutions

The key to success online is the same as in other areas of business: speed, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and measurement. Without all four of these in place, websites (just as the businesses they represent) become stale and unable to adapt to the changing environment.

Our Services

Effective website development means being successful on purpose.

All projects begin with a goal and a clear plan on how to measure results. Whether the project requires an ambitious large-scale development effort, or a short-term microsite for a tradeshow, Ventures Interactive follows a structured process of development that is focused on delivering not just on the development goals, but also the intelligence technology to measure effectiveness and provide the tools to make better, more informed decisions in the future.

Ventures Interactive is oriented around developing online solutions that work toward business goals. Every website, regardless of it's tactical goals, has a strategic marketing purpose. Our responsibility is to help clients develop interactive products that deliver on their functional requirements, and serve as a basis for incremental improvement over time.

Keywords: Internet Marketing, Web Development

Other products and services from Ventures Interactive


Disc-Based Multimedia | Ventures Interactive

The benefit of multimedia items is that they do the selling when you cannot, and they are far more useful and sticky for your prospects than other "premium" swag they might get from other vendors. EBusiness Cards make a statement about your company even when you aren't there to do it, and you can even track their effectiveness through the use of specialized landing pages.


Website Conversion Optimization | Ventures Interactive

There is a very simple rule when it comes to advertising online: If you haven't figured out a way to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign, then there is no point in spending money on it. If you set up a trap in every room with some cheese, you'll definitely catch more mice because they never have to look very far to find a trap. It is normal to lose some percentage of customers at every stage of the conversion process.


Analytics and Intelligence | Ventures Interactive

Keyword Movement - keywords driving traffic into a site from search engines are one of the least-appreciated indicators; primarily because many marketers don’t understand that the real gem in the data isn’t the keywords themselves, but how they change over time.


Corporate Intranets | Ventures Interactive

Rather than centralizing content distribution within the marketing or HR departments, some organizations find that it is best to create a distributed model in which various Subject Matter Experts within the organization have control over the content that relates to their department.