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By: Venetian Blind Repair Shop  09-12-2011
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The Venetian Blind Repair Shop has found that yearly cleaning of your window covering products is an excellent preventive maintenance and the most important thing you can do to keep your window coverings at their best throughout the years. With this yearly maintenance, the life expectancy of your blinds is virtually unlimited! Without this precaution, you can expect blind replacement to be required within 7-10 years. Our personnel are factory trained and with years of combined experience they know exactly what to look for to prevent future problems. First we pressure wash and air dry the blinds. Then we visually & mechanically inspect for any obvious defects and also for any hidden problems. If we find the blinds to be in need of repair, we contact you to let you know the cost for the repair. We also answer any questions you may have. We take pride in our top quality work & repairs! Not only do we want you to be so satisfied with our services that you call us the next time you need repairs but we also want you to be so pleased that you refer your friends, family and business associates!

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Local Areas Serviced in Vancouver, WA Surrounding Cities: Battle Ground - Camas - Washougal

Sales : Freeshop at home service for Vancouver, WA. Whether your looking to purchase one blind or furnish a complete home or business, no job is to big or small.

Service : $65.00 minimum charge. We offer a complete in-home inspection of your blinds, Many restring  repairs can be done on location at the time of service, additional parts and service may be required.

Installation :

Send in your window treatment and we will return it to you in newly working condition

Mail in repair service

You will need Authorization Repair Number (ARN) number prior to send in your package for repair.
Before you can mail in your blinds for repair. You will need an Authorization RepairNumber prior to send in your item for repair. To help expedite your order. Fill out our ARN Request Form.

ARN Request Form 
Please do not request a ARN unless you are serious about getting the service done: To request for estimate prior to sending your blind: For More Information:
Call today for a free consultation. 360-696-8308

 Conditions of Service

  • All repair prices are per shade/blind..all shipping costs are per box

  • (Note: Return shipping cost to be determined when your items are ready to ship to you)

  • P lus $5.00 handling per box .

  • Payment must be made in advance or prior to shipping.

  • We accept checks, money orders and Visa/Master card

  •  Most blinds will be repaired and on their way back within three business days of receiving them .

 Your package will be sent via (mail) or (depending on the size of the order and the destination) and you can expect delivery in 7 or 10 Business days. We will insure your package for $100.00 maximum customer responsible for any additional insurance required. If you wish to have your shade repaired or restrung we recommend UPS for the best service.  Shipping prices vary by length and weight. Check with your shipper for pricing .

Our experienced staff can repair your window coverings whether you purchased your product from us or from another dealer.

All Wood Blinds
Venetian blinds needing cleaning, cord replacement and tape replacement can be reconditioned & rebuilt for a big savings! We can replace the tapes & cords for much much less than the cost of replacing all your blinds. We are your source for finding the authentic wide tape, old-style mechanisms, cords, and replacement wooden slats that can be hard to find! We can also supply the old style of hardware for the authentic blinds and can often fabricate slats or the parts required for your blinds.     

RV Blind and Shade

 We specialize in Shade Repair & Cleaning of recreational, motor home, RV & camper vehicles. We repair most brands, styles and types of RV blinds & shades. The most common repair we do is for lift and draw cord replacement and cleaning.

Cut Down Service

If you plan to replace a window treatment with a new product, we can cut the
old treatment to fit another window of a smaller size! If you miss measure or order the incorrect size. We may be able to help you alter your window covering.

Leave the difficult work to us.

Please be advised that most manufacture warranties are invalid if the window covering is altered from its original production specifications (i.e. cut down, resize


shortened, etc.) by anyone other than the original fabricator.

I can not guarantee any cut down. There is always a possibility that the blind would be cut to the wrong size, or the material could be damaged when taking the blind apart.

We offer this service to the following product Micro-mini blinds, Mini blinds, Wood blinds, Roller Shades, Bamboo rollup, Cellular Shades, Vertical Blinds, Horizontal Blinds, Honey Comb Shades, Crystal Pleat,  Pleated Shades, Skylights and Cordless Shades. We do not cut down  Accordian Shade, Luminette Shade, Silhouette® Window Shadings, Vignette® Modern Roman Shades, Nantucket™ Window Shadings or Vertiglide

  1. The main reason the string breaks in mini blinds is because the slats are not completely open when raising and lowering the blind. Blinds with slats should always be in the open position before pulling on the string.
  2. Another reason the string will break is because the shade is lifted to the exact same height every time it is opened, especially with pleated and cellular shades.   
  3. Often, the shades are lifted open all the way to the top and then locked into place. The hardware, repeatedly, clamps onto the string at the same spot, which causes the string to wear through and then break.
  4. Be sure to always keep the blinds free of dust! Dust is the number one reason for gears and mechanisms malfunctioning in venetian blinds.
  5. Be sure to lubricate your tilt gears and vertical track with silicone. Once a year.
  6. When looking out of the window, venetian blind slats should never be bent or separated (while trying to peek).

Our prices for restringing and repair services is very affordable and will save you from costly replacements!

At Venetian Blind Repair Shop we repair & restring all types of blinds & shades. We make every effort to repair your blind. If it cannot be fixed, or if it is less expensive to replace it, we will be happy to quote you on a new replacement blind or perhaps you'd rather make a change..we can help. We offer affordable pricing and fast, dependable service.

for you at affordable prices with fast nationwide shipping. Most repairs ship within Two to Three business days upon arrival directly to your home . You will need ARN  number prior to send in your package for repair.

Repair Price List
Cellular Shades, Pleated Shades, Honeycomb Shade
Replace Continuous Cord plus cord loop $15.00
Cordless Shades Restring Plus parts $55.00 & up
Cut down Width (Shade)
One Side   $35.00
2nd Side   $17.50
Top Down/Bottom Up $45.00
Move cord lock   $17.50
Bamboo roll up Shade
Restring up to 60" wide $20.00
Restring over 60" wide $25.00
Restring over 96" wide $35.00
Restringing Window Treatment (Cellular)
Restring up to 60" wide $35.00
Restring over 60" wide $45.00
Restring over 96" wide $50.00
Top Down/Bottom Up (Shade)
Restring up to 60" wide $45.00
Restring 6 cord shade over 60" wide $60.00
Literise, Ultra Glide or RollEase
Flat Lift Tape per tape $20.00
0.9mm string per cord $20.00
Flat Lift Tape for Easy Rise Systems. (This type of string tape is used on many cordless & cord loop shades.) Some older mini blind also use this type of system.

Horizontal Blinds, Mini Blind, 2" Venetian Blind, Wood Blind, Micro Blind
Restring up to 60" wide $35.00
Restring over 60" wide $45.00
Flat Lift Tape per tape $22.50
Flat Lift Tape for Easy Rise Systems. (This type of string tape is used on many cordless & cord loop shades.) Some older mini blind also use this type of system.
Tape & Ladder Drum  (on horizontal blinds)  $10.00 Each
Tape & Ladder Drum Support  (on horizontal blinds) $10.00 Each
Replace Cord Lock $25.00
Replace Tilter $20.00
Cut down Width (Mini or Venetian)
One Side up to 60" in length $35.00
2nd Side   $17.50
One Side over 60" wide $45.00
2nd Side   $22.50
Move tilt gear or cord lock   $17.50 EA
Replace Slats
Replace Slats up to 60" wide $35.00 up to 10
Replace Slats over 60" wide $45.00 up to 10
Replace Slats over 96" wide $65.00 up to 10
Replace ladder up to 60" long
2 ladders $35.00 & up
3 ladders $42.00 & up
4 ladders $47.00 & up
5 ladders $57.00 & up
Over 72" Long, Add $9.00 For Each Additional 72" In Length.
Venetian Blind Tape Material $4.00 per yard

RV Blind & Shade Restringing
2 String RV String Shade   $30.00
3 & 4 RV String Shade

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