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By: Velocedge  09-12-2011
Keywords: distance learning, Interactive Distance Learning

Velocedge benefits from the experience and lessons learned over the past few years from companies like Ford, General Motors, Goodyear, Texas Instruments, and others while designing interactive distance learning programs. We have developed an IDL Instructional Design Guidelines that capture these lessons and documents the most effective way to design and deliver IDL content. Velocedge provides consulting services and hosts instructional design workshops to train instructional designers and instructors in IDL design and delivery.

Interactive Satellite Broadcast

Velocedge develops courses for delivery through interactive satellite networks.  The course development is based on the experience gained through working with the various client relationships and incorporate the best techniques and approaches possible.

Why IDL?.  


  • Incalculable cost savings: time off work, travel, etc.
  • Much less cost to develop and deliver IDL courses


  • Deliver to more people at the same time
  • From "Go" to delivery to target audience in no time


  • Over 25% improvement in student retention
  • Consistent delivery of the training/communication message

Web Based Training

Velocedge also develops web based training courses to augment and support the satellite broadcasts.  These courses are developed based on the Learning Resource iNterchange standard.

Learning Resource iNterchange (LRN) Support

Integration with Database

Velocedge has developed applications that accommodates web based training and provides "hooks" into the Arel database so the results of web courses can be captured and stored in the same database as the interactive satellite system uses.  Web courses developed internally or purchased from 3rd party suppliers can be integrated with the system to capture the results in a common repository.

Essay Question Support

Integrated with the database is the ability to define essay questions as part of an Exam or Quiz.  This facility works for those Exams or Quizzes taken over the web, but can be defined in the Arel system and stored right along with the regular results. 

eBroadcast Presentations

Any course, as well as for general information,  may include an eBroadcast Presentation.  An eBroadcast Presentation is a web based presentation that allows an instructor to issue slides in real-time to many different participants over the internet.  As the instructor changes slides, the page on each participant's browser automatically changes at the same time.  Audio is heard over the internet at each participant's site through multi-media computers.  Optionally, video can also be sent with the audio but this requires significantly more bandwidth.  

Keywords: distance learning, Interactive Distance Learning

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Other products and services from Velocedge


Network Management

Every night the CADE enabled personal computers check in to a central control system to check for new software, help files, or any other modification that should be made. For catastrophic failures, a replacement PC is shipped the same day as the failure so the impact on the remote site is reduced as much as possible.


Help Desk

To support its customers in the preparation for installation of the remote sites, Velocedge works with systems integrators to proactively set up the remote site computer to be as trouble free as possible before shipment to the customer site.



Learn.Net offers fast-start services like IDL instructional design and delivery training for instructors or presenters, as well as course development to help its customers quickly up the IDL learning curve. Learn.Net works closely with its customers to design and implement the most effective IDL delivery systems possible.


IDL Consulting

Velocedge works closely with its customers to design and implement the most effective IDL delivery systems possible. Velocedge worked with both the Canadian Automotive Repair and Service Council and the Good Samaritan Society. Satellite Selection and Acquisition of Transponders. Studio and Control Room Equipment Selection.


IDL Services

Velocedge offers fast-start services like instructional design and delivery workshops and IDL course development to help its customers quickly up the IDL learning curve. Velocedge works closely with its customers to design and implement the most effective IDL delivery systems possible. Satellite Selection and Acquisition of Transponders.


IDL Workshop

Participants may either bring a topic and technical materials with them for approximately 10-15 minutes worth of lesson, or 2) select a topic from ones provided to them by the instructor. Each student will convert the course material they brought into an IDL presentation and deliver it using the broadcast studio equipment.


Web Applications

Velocedge makes extensive use of the internet and world wide web based applications that are integrated with database management systems in most of its client's operations. Velocedge has developed Learning Management Web applications that support interaction with an interactive satellite training delivery system. Access Workbooks, Learning Guides, & Exams.