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By: Velocedge  09-12-2011
Keywords: Help Desk, Web Based Applications, PC Hardware

Velocedge maintains a Help Desk with toll free access support during regular business hours from 8:00am to 8:00pm Eastern Time. This Help Desk is available for Field Support personnel during installation and the Site Coordinator at each of the customer's sites. Velocedge provides additional staff during the initial broadcasts to make sure there is sufficient coverage in the early stages of the network. Velocedge requests that it be provided with one complete set of downlink site hardware and software so it may duplicate and monitor each broadcast.

Velocedge provides a single toll-free telephone number for all site questions and problems regarding the IDL site operation. It will identify the problem and work with the client to resolve the issue. Rectification varies depending on the exact nature of the problem.  If its with the PC hardware, monitor, satellite receiver or antenna, Velocedge communicates the site details and instructions necessary to fix the problem to the satellite provider or the system integrator and if necessary, dispatch their appropriate field service agent. Velocedge will determine if a signal is being received from the satellite, but backhaul and uplink problems are resolved by The satellite provider’s staff.

PC hardware

If the problem is with the PC hardware, Velocedge diagnoses the problem and contact the systems integrator or other appropriate hardware support group and tell them what the problem is and what is necessary to solve it. Velocedge also e-mails the appropriate details to the integrator for further contact with the customer if necessary.

Application (Remote Site Operation)

Regarding problems with the operation of the remote site software, Velocedge walks the Site Coordinator through process in question. It also directs the site coordinator to any appropriate desktop animation that may provide further clarification or to the knowledge base and FAQs located on the CCU's desktop.

ISP connectivity

If the site is having trouble with their internet connection, Velocedge troubleshoots connection problems, resolves logon/password conflicts, and contacts the internet service provider to resolve any outstanding issues.

Web based applications

Velocedge has created a number of applications to aid the Site Coordinator with the management of the site operation. It familiarizes the Site Coordinator through the registration, maintenance processes and clarifies any questions or problems they are having. It also directs the site coordinator to any appropriate desktop animation that may provide further clarification or to the knowledge base and FAQs located on the desktop.

Site Coordinator Communication

Velocedge maintains communication with the Site Coordinators through e-mail to notify them of any pending changes or upgrades. It will also update the repository of support materials and documentation from time to time. Site Coordinators can additionally use the built-in e-mail client to resolve non-time critical issues.

Remote Control

For those problems that can't be resolved quickly, Velocedge connects to the customer's PC and takes remote control of its keyboard, screen, and mouse to understand the exact nature of the problem. It also uses this remote control software to initiate off-hour software upgrades and file transfers necessary to keep the software current.

Pre-Installation Support

To support its customers in the preparation for installation of the remote sites, Velocedge works with systems integrators to proactively set up the remote site computer to be as trouble free as possible before shipment to the customer site. This will include:

Pre-configured and tested PC

Velocedge makes sure the operating system software and interactivity applications are configured to Velocedge specifications. Velocedge then builds a disk image exactly as the software should be configured. This disk image is sent to the systems integrator so they can make exact copies for all subsequent computers delivered to the customer. Velocedge works with the systems integrator throughout the entire testing phase.

Additional Software configuration

Velocedge installs additional application software, help files, computer animation, and remote control applications in addition to the software. This ensures the necessary support software is loaded on the computer so it is as easy to use and maintain as possible before it is delivered to the customer.

Customized automated installation programs

To make sure that the final installation process is as simple as possible, Velocedge has written special installation routines that automatically update the appropriate software with specific site names, e-mail addresses, internet service provider logon IDs, passwords, local internet access numbers, and other information unique to the site. Field service personnel only need to enter the basic information once in a simple dialog box and the installation program updates the appropriate programs and registry files automatically.

Pre-loaded help and animation

Site Coordinator responsibilities manual

Velocedge provides an electronic version of the Site Coordinator's manual as part of the desktop application. This manual describes the general responsibilities of the Site Coordinator before, during, and after each broadcast. The Site Coordinator manual also includes a checklist that the Site Coordinator may follow to help ensure each broadcast is a successful one. The manual may be modified by the customer to fit the specific needs of its own operation.

Local recovery utility

In the event there is a catastrophic software failure, Velocedge creates a backup disk image of the configured software on the system. Using the recovery diskette provided with the application software, the Site Coordinator can easily restore the system to its original operating state.

These additional steps are critical for an error free setup and quick training of the Site Coordinator. Velocedge strongly recommends that these resources be installed on every system, even if it means retrofitting systems that have already been configured.

Installation Support

Velocedge suggests the customers ship the PCs to each site and its field support personnel will unpack the equipment, check for damage, and install the satellite antenna, receiver, monitor, application software, and student response devices. When all equipment has been installed, connected, and powered up, they will run the automated configuration program and prepare for a field test.

This field test includes connecting to the internet through a local internet service provider or LAN, logging on to the customer's Host,  and verifying that the remote site is connecting to the Communications Server and transmitting information to and from the Instructor's console. This process will test:

  • Connection to the internet service provider
  • Connection to Communications Server
  • Data connection to Instructor's console
  • Audio communication

To complete the installation process, Field Service personnel calls the Help Desk to verify that the system is working properly and communicate any additional site specific information so it may be stored in our database.

Keywords: Help Desk, PC Hardware, Web Based Applications

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