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By: Vegan In Vancouver  09-12-2011

Web Design:

With over 12 years experience, I build sites with a focus on clean design and ease of use.

  • Clean, simple, and visually attractive website design.
  • User-centric structure and content design: let the user find what they need, quickly and easily.
  • Standards-compliant X/HTML and CSS development – making sure your site is fully compatible with all modern browsers, and inexpensive to maintain or expand.
  • Modern, professionally-oriented design style.

Programming & Development:

Custom programming for websites including interactive tests, contact databases, forms processing. Customization of existing systems. Interface enhancements.

  • WordPress based Content Management System sites
  • Database-driven sites with dynamic content
  • ColdFusion programming
  • PHP scripting
  • Javascript and JQuery
  • MS Access, MSSQL, MySQL database design

Macintosh  Support

I have been using Macintosh computers since 1984! I am a certified Apple Desktop and Portable technician, and know Macs inside and out. I am glad to provide personalized support and tutoring for anything Mac related.

  • Tutoring and training with common Mac software, including iLife, iWork, and MS Office.
  • Setup, install, and configuration of new Macs
  • Networking (wired and Airport/wireless)
  • Peripherals such as printers, scanners, iPods, cameras
  • Use of Parallels, VM Ware, and BootCamp to run Windows
  • Certified Apple Desktop and Portable technician

Desktop Publishing

My foundation in layout, design, and typography means I can produce attractive, professional-quality documents for your business.

  • Business cards and brochures
  • Business forms: invoices, questionnaires, checklists
  • PowerPoint and Keynote presentations

To arrange a free consultation and discuss your needs, please contact me.

Phone: 604-726-4376

I work from my home office near VGH in beautiful Vancouver, Canada.

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Earth Balance Spread A very good margarine, 100% vegan, and I’m told one of the healthiest margarine options there are. Daiya is made by a local Vancouver company, and I hear it is now served as a vegan cheese substitute at The Naam. Daiya is free of common allergens, and melts and shreds like the real thing. Available at and Dussa’s Ham and Cheese at Granville Island Public Market.