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By: Vedere Group  09-12-2011
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Providing the right information to drive sales

PREO™ Reporting Suite offers a suite of sales and marketing performance oriented reports designed to manage and measure the key performance indicators (KPIs) that drive sales.

Intuitively designed for senior executives, brand managers, sales managers, business analysts and sales representatives; the suite of on-line reporting tools directs each user to access the most appropriate information to drive performance improvement.


Organisations are often faced with a deluge of data presented in multiple formats and from disparate reports.

We typically see organisations ignoring the individual information requirements of different user groups, so senior management have to wade through a bulk of low level data to find what they need.

Meaningful aggregation of data, that identifies performance gaps, is usually missing. This may apply to the organisations ability to understand the performance variance across brands, divisions, geographies, sales managers or individual sales representatives. Being unable to combine the essential data elements together, key decision makers have difficulty interpreting the data and/or making meaningful decisions from it.

Data is often presented in a static format, providing little chance for a manager to understand which key performance indicators (KPIs) are improving or declining

Rarely do we see organisations providing key people with actionable information to drive improved performance


Vedere Group understand the key levers for performance improvement and incorporate these into the PREO™ Reporting Suite suite to ensure you are seeing the right information to drive sales with as few reports as possible.

Information from disparate data sources is combined and aggregated to ensure all relevant information is presented in the same report – irrespective of the data source.

The information provided to each user is specific to their role – so you will never have to wade through a mountain of numbers to get to the answers you are looking for.

The trend of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be seen at a glance; you will be able to identify if a downward trend is due to a particular geography or is of universal concern.

Information to drive future behaviour is incorporated into relevant reports - an example being PREO™ Activity Director – used by sales representatives to determine;

  • Who to visit and when; to meet their call objectives
  • Each customer’s status with regard to call activity
  • Which product(s) to detail for each customer
  • The promotional message relevant to that customer for each brand
  • Which value added service strategies are applicable for each customer


PREO™ Reporting Suite’s web based and web distributed reports provide a rapid deployment and distribution solution to ensure the right people get the right information throughout the sales and marketing organisation.

We provide a number of options depending on your specific requirements. These include

  • Best Practice Reports
    • Take advantage of our pre-defined “best practice” report suite to rapidly deploy vital information across your organisation
    • This suite of reports is designed to serve sales representatives, sales managers, brand managers and senior executives
    • This suite of reports utilises Vedere Groups’ “best practice” KPIs that we have determined from experience to drive and monitor best practice sales behaviour
  • Custom Reports - We also offer you the option to have us custom design specific reports based on your requirements and our extensive experience

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We welcome the opportunity to discuss PREO ™ Reporting Suite reporting suite with you.

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