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By: Vedere Group  09-12-2011
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Building better customer information to drive targeting

PREO™ Profiler enables you to rapidly define and capture any type of profile element you can conceive.

It enables you to develop and successfully implement powerful targeting segment strategies safe in the knowledge that these are being directed to the right customers to drive sales.


A common frustration for sales and marketing executives is a lack of quality information about prescribers and other important customer groups in order to define and drive targeting strategies.

The most common challenges that we have seen companies face in driving targeting strategies include:

  • Oversimplified/ undifferentiated customer segments (e.g. A,B,C,D)
  • Lack of definition/ quantification around the profile 'elements' that constitute an 'A', 'B', 'C' or 'D' customer
  • Incomplete profiling resulting in low value customers being elevated to target segment status
  • Non - adherence to profile quotas
  • Poor aggregation of profile 'elements' into meaningful customer 'segments'
  • Insufficient data accuracy to support any type of initiative or subsequent analysis


PREO™ Profiler is a web based application that enables your company to quickly capture multiple profile elements about your customers via an easy to use interface.

The user interface is intuitive and flexible, allowing the user to switch between Brands and Profile elements for any customer.

The information is presented to each user in a logical way. For example, GPs within a territory are presented by Brick and then grouped within their surgery address for simplicity of identification.

The user can select to view all customers by a certain profile score — for example, if they want to view all Doctors profiled as ‘Exceptional’ for their prescribing in a therapy area. They may then choose to amend the scores for a particular customer based on additional information and this will be recorded and updated.

Quotas can be applied to each element, so profiling can also be controlled to meet required distribution criteria.

As each profile element is captured centrally, a running tally of how each profiling element has been scored and the profiling completion are simultaneously displayed to the user and their manager. This helps to ensure transparency of the process, adherence to quotas and rapid completion.

PREO™ Profiler can be pre-populated where data already exists for some customers, so users do not have to re-enter data. Background information can also be added to aid the user during the profiling exercise.

Profile Elements

What is meant by Profile ‘elements’? Profile elements are information specific to each customer with reference to a brand or they may describe a customer characteristic more generally.

Profile elements might include;

  • Brand value (e.g. Rxs per week)
  • Competitor value(e.g. Rxs per week)
  • Initiations for a brand
  • Level of referral
  • Innovativeness
  • Risk aversion
  • Male/ Female
  • Accessibility
  • Age
  • Medical Interests

Profile Bands

What is meant by profile 'bands'? The majority of profile elements are not a simple yes/no situation, so each profile element will usually have 'bands' associated with it.

A good example would be Brand Value — perhaps defined by the number of Rxs written by a doctor per week.

The 'bands' for 'Brand Value' may be defined as follows (based on Rxs per week):
0 Rxs | 1-2 Rxs | 3-5 Rxs | 6 - 10 Rxs | 11+ Rxs

Each Doctor’s Brand Value would be assessed against which band they fit into.

Similarly, 'accessibility' is not a yes/ no situation and can be defined by banding the number of access opportunities a company feels can be achieved over the space of a year.

Profile Segments

What is meant by ‘Segments’?

A customer ‘segment’ includes people with similar shared profile characteristics (or profile element bands). The ultimate objective of building excellent profile information about each and every customer is the ability to aggregate this data into meaningful customer ‘segments’. The creation of customer segments provides organisations with a significant competitive advantage, as they can then drive differentiated strategies to each segment.


Driving Targeting Strategies

Sales and marketing strategies can be uniquely developed to each customer segments based on the elements that have been used to create them. These may dictate such variables as;

  • Call frequency
  • Verbal communication strategy
  • Sampling strategy
  • Channel strategy
  • Value added service strategy

Vedere Group also provide consultancy services to help companies prioritise profile elements, their aggregation into customer segments and segmentation strategies to drive sales and profitability.

Next Steps

If you would like to trial PREO™ Profiler we would welcome the opportunity to set up a low-cost trial license for you. This provides you with a low-impact, low risk means to understand how this tool can help you improve your organisations’ profiling and targeting.

Keywords: Sales And Marketing

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