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By: Vedere Group  09-12-2011
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The power to analyse OLAP Cubes on the Web

PREO™ Cube Viewer provides users with the ability to easily interrogate multi-dimensional data cubes via the web. PREO™ Cube Viewer’s highly intuitive interface provides powerful visual representation of your OLAP Cubes that can be viewed graphically and in tabular format.

For power users, PREO™ Cube Viewer provides all the tools needed to interrogate the data cubes, build new reports, save queries and reload these at a later date.

PREO™ Cube viewer is offered as part of the PREO™ Reporting Suite or as a stand-alone hosted web application.


Presentation of OLAP data:

For many organisations the primary vehicle for viewing data cubes is Excel Pivot tables. The major dilemma is that while the data views in table format may be acceptable, presenting the same data graphically is not always intuitive (typically the axes need to be pivoted to present tabular data logically in graphical format). Additionally, the task of creating unique reports for specific users becomes so complex that many organisations simply don’t do this – thereby leaving non-technical end users struggling to decipher meaning from the data.

Distribution to remote users:

Building Cubes:

For many organisations, the first challenge is simply building OLAP Cubes. The additional technical requirements and challenges this brings to an organisation may have prevented it from undertaking the introduction of multidimensional analysis believing the return on investment to be too low to justify the costs.


Whether you already build OLAP cubes or not, we can help you unlock more value from the data inside your organisation.

Provided as a hosted service, PREO™ Cube Viewer provides organisations with the option to build and upload their own Microsoft Analysis Services OLAP Cubes or cub files or provide Vedere Group with the raw data in order that we build your cubes for you.

  • Minimises distribution workload for the organisation
  • Zero footprint for end users – no cubes to save or download
  • Predefined reports can be built against each cube for each user
  • Users can select predefined reports or build their own
  • Have us build and generate your cube files for you


PREO™ Cube Viewer enables users to view Microsoft Analysis Services OLAP Cubes or stand alone cube files (.cub) via the web.

PREO™ Cube Viewer provides the following features;

  • Cube, report, category, series selections
  • On demand slicing and dicing of data cubes
  • Drilldown (and drill up) into charts and report grids
  • Filtering and sorting functionality
  • Build and save reports
  • Reload saved reports
  • Selectable chart/ grid presentation layer options
  • Save as image options (for use in other applications)
  • Export graph and report grid data to Excel
  • Access controls can be applied to cubes and pre-defined reports – enabling a unique user experience in terms of each user’s choice of cubes and reports

Keywords: Analysis Services

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