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By: Vecco  09-12-2011
Keywords: Shipment Tracking, Network Visibility, Real-time Inventory,

Vecco's Allegro Inbound is a comprehensive solution suite for managing supplier-facing business processes and relationships throughout your inbound supply network. Allegro Inbound provides collaborative execution across your supply network, helping you to reduce decision cycles and synchronize supply and demand across multiple tiers of suppliers.

Allegro Inbound provides a collaborative platform for streamlining and automating your key supply network business processes, including procurement, order management, forecast collaboration, shipment tracking and inventory management. Allegro Inbound enables multiple replenishment methods, from buyer and supplier-managed replenishment to fully automated dynamic replenishment to support your full range of supplier relationship and product procurement requirements.

The following Allegro Inbound modules can be combined and adapted to meet your specific supply network requirements:

Supply Network Visibility

Allegro Supply Network Visibility provides end-to-end visibility of all business activity across your supply network. It allows you to monitor demand signals and maintain near real-time projections of inventory in order to synchronize supply and demand across multiple tiers of suppliers. Projected inventories are automatically recalculated as supply and demand events are received and exception alerts are generated when a problem is detected that will impact your supply availability. Users can simulate changes to plans to view the potential impacts on projected inventory and material supply prior to publishing and committing new plans. By providing real-time inventory projections and alerting, Allegro Supply Network Visibility allows you to effectively monitor and manage all material movements and business transactions across your inbound supply network.

Order Management

Allegro Order Management is a collaborative and comprehensive supply network order management solution. Allegro Order Management allows you to compress the cycle times on order management processes and optimize sourcing across an extended supply network. It supports and automates on-line negotiation of blanket purchase orders, discrete orders and PO releases between buyers and suppliers. Negotiation processes and allowable actions are configurable to support your full range of supplier relationships.

Sophisticated solver agents automate the generation of PO releases and trigger online negotiation with suppliers. Suppliers can quickly process incoming purchase orders and changes to existing orders, send acknowledgements, and generate advance ship notices and invoices while buyers can monitor the impact of negotiation on projected inventory levels throughout the process. Allegro Order Management collaboration processes allow accurate, real-time and optimized resolution of your order management business processes.

Supply Collaboration and Planning

Allegro Supply Collaboration and Planning is a comprehensive solution for managing your mid-long term supply network requirements to maximize supply assurance in today's highly competitive global markets. The forecast and capacity collaboration processes allow buyers to negotiate and lock in long range supply capabilities to prevent stock-outs and allow suppliers to better manage their production resources and supply availability. Some critical features of the Allegro Supply Collaboration and Planning solution are its robust simulation capabilities, its optimized system recommended commitments and its intelligent exception alerting processes.

Supplier Managed Replenishment

Allegro Supplier Managed Replenishment is a proven replenishment method used to move toward a more responsive demand-driven network while increasing efficiencies for all buyers and suppliers in your network. Allegro Supplier Managed Replenishment provides collaborative, real-time visibility of projected inventory at consuming sites, allowing your suppliers to manage the inventory levels of their products at your sites while providing you more flexibility in responding to your customers. The system provides rapid response to changing demanding signals assuring accurate product supply while minimizing inventory levels.

Some critical features of the Allegro Supplier Managed Replenishment solution are its robust simulation capabilities, its optimized system recommended shipments, commitment change processes and its intelligent exception alerting functionality.

Dynamic Supply Replenishment

Allegro Dynamic Supply Replenishment is the most advanced, no-touch, replenishment method used to create highly customer-responsive, demand-driven business networks. Allegro Dynamic Supply Replenishment is a sophisticated supply allocation solution which automates replenishment across your extended supply network, driving significant value through reductions in working inventory and improvements in production efficiencies. Through the use of configurable agent-based solvers, projected parts inventories are constantly monitored at both supplying and consuming sites. Projected inventory issues trigger agents generate new shipment plans to automatically resolve the problem. If the agent is unable to resolve the problem within a user-defined set of policies and constraints, notifications and alerts are generated to users for intervention and resolution. As in all our replenishment and fulfillment solutions, our advanced simulation engines allow parties to run various scenarios to see the effects up and down the supply chain prior to changing plans. Vecco's Allegro Dynamic Supply Replenishment solution is a "no-touch" solution that dynamically balances the supply and demand of parts in real time creating a completely customer-responsive, demand-driven business network.

Reverse Logistics / Returns Management

Allegro Reverse Logistics and Returns Management is an end-to-end collaborative solution addressing processes from return authorization to final disposition while minimizing the cost associated with returns management. It provides a comprehensive and effective Return Material Authorization (RMA) process between buyers and suppliers. Return notices that are entered on-line can automatically update projected inventories. Suppliers specify a fix plan and a schedule of shipments back to the buyer. This process is supported by its intelligent supply chain exception alerting and notification processes.

Inventory Management

Effective inventory management can drive significant profitability throughout your supply network by reducing inventory buffers, freeing working capital and improving customer service. Allegro Inventory Management supports numerous inventory management approaches, all aimed at improving supply assurance while lowering inventory levels. The solution also supports multiple methods of setting inventory targets including fixed, periods of coverage, and statistical methods which can be time-phased throughout the horizon to address product lifecycle requirements. Allegro Inventory Management constantly monitors inputs to inventory target formulas and automatically generates new targets when deviations occurs, creating an automated closed loop system for optimally aligning inventory throughout your supply network.

Keywords: Network Visibility, Real-time Inventory, Shipment Tracking,

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