Quark XPress Web to Print Website and Templates For Sale

By: Vavah  09-12-2011


Mac OS X Server CTO (December 2007)


01. Quark Web to Print System, which includes: QuarkXpress Server 7 (5-user licence, no longer an option from Quark, allows the ability to have multiple websites on the same Server) and QuarkXpress Server 8 (is on system but not being used for this version of software).

02. HyperTools (5 User) includes: HyperTemplate, HyperRender, QuarkXpress ServerXtTensions

03. HyperContent

04. HyperCommerce

05. HyperImage

06. HyperDesign

Additional assets/store elements available with the package:

01. The workflow
02. Templates: Different categories i.e. business cards, brochures etc.
03. Tags library.
04. Attributes and attribute sets for each product.
05. User friendly system to manage templates
06. 1000+ Backgrounds/Images for templates.
07. 250+ Fully functional product templates in various product categories.