vantronix (en) (The functions

By: Vantronix  09-12-2011
Keywords: Firewall, Network Address Translation, Packet Filter,

.vantronix (en) (The functions)

At a Glance
.vantronix provides sophisticated products with a higly optimized functionality. The .vantronix routing firewalls will optimize your network with the benefit of trusted proactive security.

  • Stateful packet inspection (SPI)
  • Highest performance and scalability
  • Stateful firewall failover for HA
  • Higly flexible software-based solution
  • QoS and traffic shaping
  • Network address translation (NAT)
  • Transparent operation as bridging firewall
  • IPv4 and IPv6 support
  • (D)DoS attack mitigation
  • Powered by the superior OpenBSD pf packet filter
  • Routing firewall with BGP, OSPF, DVMRP, and more

  • Up to 1024 Routing Domains (aka. VRFs)
  • IPv4 and IPv6 support
  • Multiple network interfaces or VLANs per Routing Domain
  • Fully-separated routing within a domain
  • Overlapping or identical IP subnets in multiple independent Routing Domains
  • OSPF and BGP integration (BGP/OSPF instances per domain)
  • Millions of routes, e.g. multiple BGP full tables, large OSPF clouds per domain
  • Policy-based Routing (PBR) using the packet filter classification engine
  • Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), LDP, BGP-MPLS-VPN
  • Packet Filtering on multiple Routing Domains
  • DHCP client/server in non-default and multiple Routing Domains

  • High secure gateway for IPsec VPN
  • Roadwarrior support
  • Stateful IPsec failover for HA
  • Powerful and easy configuration
  • Transparent operation as bridging VPN gateway
  • Strong crypto by default
  • NAT Traversal (NAT-T)
  • SSH-VPN and SSL-VPN options
  • Validated for PCI-DSS operation

  • .vantronix | greenbalancing
  • Ethernet-based layer 2 loadbalancing
  • IP-based layer 3 loadbalancing
  • TCP-based layer 4+ loadbalancing
  • Session-based layer 7 loadbalancing
  • Advanced Application Delivery Controller
  • Active health checking of server pools
  • Multiple and optimized loadbalancing algorithms
  • Multi-protocol operation and optimization (HTTP, SSL, TCP, DNS, ..)
  • Session persistence and sticky addressing
  • Gigabit performance with thousands of concurrent sessions
  • Hardware SSL acceleration
  • Firewall interaction and attack prevention
  • Validated for PCI-DSS operation
  • Linkbalancing with dynamic routing (BGP and OSPF)

  • Network-based Anti-SPAM solution
  • Transparent operation in front of the MTA
  • Optimized and proactive greylisting
  • Catch spammers with greytrapping
  • Optional white/blacklisting
  • Powered by .vantronix | preinspection
  • Highly efficient and proven
  • Realtime synchronization and HA

  • IPv4-to-IPv6 and IPv6-to-IPv4 gateway
  • Attach IPv6 networks to the IPv4 internet
  • Connect to the IPv4 internet from IPv6 networks
  • Dual Stack and Dynamic Translation of IP address families
  • Stateful firewalling and IPv6 security
* The maximum number of sessions, users, or connections is limited by the hardware capabilities of the selected model but not by any licenses.

Keywords: Firewall, Network Address, Network Address Translation, Packet Filter,

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