vantronix (en) (IPv6 supported

By: Vantronix  09-12-2011
Keywords: Security, Firewall

.vantronix (en) (IPv6 supported)

With the increase in attention for IPv6, we start running into issues in supporting IPv6 on our websites and Internet applications. Much of the network design over the last 15 years has assumed that we are running in an IPv4 world. Re-designing your network would be necessary, in order to support potential IPv6 customers.

However, with


Loadbalancers, you can simply translate the customer requests without having to change your network. All of the standard .vantronix features work transparently with IPv6, as well as IPv4. The gateway functionality can dynamically relay between both worlds.

The main benefit of IPv6 is the increased address space to handle the number of systems that will be connected to the Internet. But a new generation of the Internet Protocol introduces new features, functionality, and security issues. IPv6 tries to solve old security problems but the complexity of the protocol introduced new

security issues

. Most current firewall products, routers, and IPv6-enabled network appliances offer a fairly limited IPv6 support and they have implementation problems in their IPv6 stack. Other firewall products don't support IPv6 at all or just limited port filtering without support for stateful firewalling (SPI) with IPv6.


uses the highly proven OpenBSD IPv6 stack which is based on the original

reference implementation. It features many enhancements and security improvements and more than 10 years of ongoing development. The .vantronix firewall, loadbalancer, and VPN gateway support full IPv6 operation with stateful firewalling (SPI), and Trusted Proactive Security.

Keywords: Firewall, Security

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