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By: Vanroy Pools  09-12-2011
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When deciding to purchase a pool heater, it's important to put things into perspective. A swimming pool heater will help increase your pool fun and maximize your pool investment. The process represents a long-term investment,with real operating returns providing the right choice has been made.

Basic factors to take into consideration when selecting a heater:

  • Initial purchase and installation cost
  • Operating cost
  • Quality of the product and performance
  • Easy to operate and maintenance
  • Safe and secure
  • Long life expectancy


We carry a complete line of chemicals to meet all of your sanitation requirements. Cleaning, stabilizer, shock, filterwash or balancing chemicals We stock it all.

Our current line - Tabex® chemicals and pool product supplies are of the highest quality ensuring a crisp, clean balanced pool all season long.

Since 1989 the complete line of Tabex® Pool and Spa products have been trusted by thousands of industry professionals across Canada.

Tabex® has a product that is right for you. The easy to follow Tabex® program will keep your water looking great from start up in the spring to shut down in the fall, and for indoor facilites, Tabex® will keep your water looking great year round. From the only 2 in 1 Algaecide to the superior quality blend of Pool Secure and Shock 'N Swim® will keep your water sparkling year round.

Tabex® also offers a complete line of adjustment and chlorine products.

From cleaning your sand filters with Filter Flo, foam control with Foam Gone, or descaling the pool walls with Grime Away, Tabex® has superior solutions to solve all your maintenance concerns.

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