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By: Vancor Supply  09-12-2011

VANCOR SUPPLY will come out to a job site to view and assess the situation. This is part of our unique service to assist you in any repairs or installations as quickly and efficiently as possible. Vancor Supply has many products in stock and have the facilities to customize and fabricate additional products should they be required.

Not only can we make a suggestion, but we can also make the solution work.

Deliver from stock

Deliver on short notice

Emergency delivery

Representing various manufacturers to meet the municipality's standards


  • fitting shape or size not available - we can make or alter fitting
  • long delivery date from other manufactor - alter another product to do the job
  • more economical then customization from manufacture
  • oversize fittings - not standard products
  • epoxy coating
  • fabricate fittings for valve and air chambers

All orders are important to us,
no matter the size of the job or the client.