Breastfeeding/Nursing Pillow by Utterly Yours

By: Utterly Your  09-12-2011
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The Utterly Yours™ Breast Pillow was specially designed by a mom to make nursing a much simpler and hands-free process. The pillow provides the most comfortable breast support and optimal breast position for nursing.

The product is targeted towards larger breasted women and those dealing with the forces of gravity which makes nursing a more challenging endeavor. These women constantly have to adjust or hold their breast which can make nursing a tiresome and frustrating activity.

The Utterly Yours™ Breast Pillow eliminates this very common issue so that moms can relax and focus on their baby while nursing, or just free their hands to enjoy another activity such as reading a magazine. While other products help make nursing more comfortable by supporting the baby, no product has yet addressed the need for breast support which is a need that continues to exist even when using other such products.

• Lifts and Supports
• Holds breast in position for hands-free nursing
• Easy to care for and easy to use
• Comfortable against the skin
• Incredibly compact - small enough to take with you
• Cover is machine washable
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Keywords: Breast Pillow, breast support, Nursing,