US LED: The Qube - lgrid

By: Us Led  09-12-2011

L-Grid is an LED troffer luminaire designed for installation in 2-foot by 2-foot conventional suspended grid ceilings for new construction or retrofit projects. Featuring superior, evenly dispersed lighting that sets the standard in performance for solid state ceiling luminaires, L-Grid can also significantly reduce the number of fixtures needed to light a given area. Custom fixture and power supply kit design allows for quick and easy installation, reducing costly labor time. And by still emitting 70% of the original light output after more than 60,000 hours, L-Grid will last many years without the need for costly replacement or maintenance. FEATURES
Phenomenal light output using only 65 Watts
Comes fully equipped with power supply
Sealed, type Non-IC fixture
Class 2 compliant design (low voltage, limited power)
L70 lifetime of more than 80,000
60 month warrantyCERTIFICATION
UL Listed (UL 1598, file #: E344008)
DLC Approved
LM79 available

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