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By: Urban Technology Ventures  09-12-2011
Keywords: Marketing, Recruitment

UTV takes an active role in the growth process of each portfolio company. Beyond our ongoing board-level involvement, we supply value-added services that are designed to accelerate time to market and give companies a distinct advantage in the burgeoning high-tech marketplace.

Organizational & Management Development

Developing the right organization is crucial to the success of young companies. UTV is dedicated to providing the resources entrepreneurs need to meet this challenge. By getting in at ground level, we help entrepreneurs build an organization that is better equipped to respond to the changes and challenges that will occur throughout the company's lifecycle.

UTV is the first venture firm in the US to offer value-added services in Organizational Development because we believe that building an organization the right way from day one is the right thing to do - for successful companies and outstanding returns to our investors.

Recruitment Management

Leading a start-up to success is not an easy task, and no one person can accomplish it alone. This means that selecting and recruiting the best possible management team is imperative to setting and accomplishing the goals of the company. UTV knows that deciding who these corner stone individuals will be is a daunting and time-consuming experience; One that can be made easier with the help of the extensive recruiting services UTV offers its portfolio companies.

Through our recruiting services, we contribute to the business success of our companies by assisting in the selection, recruitment, training and retention of top quality employees. This means taking on the tedious tasks of sorting through resumes, interviewing potential candidates, researching available workshops and courses, building seminars and making sure that all of our companies are continuously up-to-date regarding acceptable compensation and benefits standards.

As we view Recruitment Management as one of our top-priority services, we not only provide basic Human Resource assistance to start-ups, but also offer entrepreneurs all the assistance needed to build an employee base that has relevant expertise, believes in the potential of the company and will lead the venture to its success.

Marketing & Branding

Effective marketing is as important as a great product or innovative technology, and it is essential to business success. UTV marketing professionals advise entrepreneurs on how to focus on their customers and deliver promotions and product information to relevant customers.

Young companies need to build their marketing organization, budget sufficient funds, and define a roadmap of activities that will advance the company to the next stage in its development. Moreover, it is essential to create a rich customer experience and build a strong brand.

UTV marketing professionals are able to provide sound advice and practical tips to assist a startup's marketing efforts, providing entrepreneurs with a clear marketing vision to ensure their future success.


UTV becomes a part of a company’s sales team and integrates within a sales organization - often becoming the top sales performers within a company and actively contribute as an extension of a traditional sales force. Or replace them, if that is what it takes. The UTV closers will challenge your top performers, impress even the most skeptical senior management, and truly amaze investors.

Keywords: Marketing, Recruitment