We Carry Resistors, Capacitors, And Custom PCBs

By: UPE  09-12-2011
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UPE, Inc. is a manufacturer of printed circuit boards with a special strength in the use of HEAVY copper (up to 180 oz.) UPE has pioneered this technology over the past 15 years and has supplied HEAVY copper circuit boards for the military and aerospace industry for the past 12 years. We have also developed the powerlink technology which makes it possible to connect the HEAVY sections with standard logic circuits on the same layer. We can even supply boards with HEAVY copper on the inner layers. Advantages of the HEAVY copper and powerlink technologies include much greater power density, improved reliability, very robust platform for applications subjected to shock and vibration, and reduced assembly costs.

UPE can also handle your resistor needs. We have wirewound and thick film resistors from 3 watts through 500 watts. They are available in a variety of packages from surface mount to silicone coated to aluminum housed wire wound to the SOT227 package.

UPE additionally, provides technical support and distribution for a world class capacitor manufacturer by the name of Electronicon. They have been building capacitors since the 1940's. They are one of Europe's largest suppliers of motor run, lighting, and power factor correction capacitors. Additionally, they design and build a wide range of film capacitors for AC and DC power applications including film capacitor replacements for electrolytics and capacitors for high power transmitters.

Listed is an overview of what is available:

  • Extreme Heavy Copper Printed Circuit Boards (up to 12.5 lbs/ft2) - Innovator of the Power Link Technology (multiple copper weights on the same layer) and PC-B3 (Printed Circuit Buss Bar Boards) Increase Power Density, Improved Reliability.
  • Printed Circuit Boards (Standard Technology) - Offering quick turn-around prototype service in addition to small/medium production runs. Our product profile includes both double-sided and multi-layer boards, with fine-pitch SMT and BGA designs.
    • Snubber Capacitors - 550V to 7000V, 0.5 to 200 µF, 1000V/µs, =15 nH
    • DC Link - electrolytic replacement caps - 700 to 2000V, up to 2000 µF, up to 100 Arms
    • Motor Run Capacitors - 280-500V, 50/60 Hz, 0.5-80 µF, -25°C + 85°C, 3000 to 30,000 hrs rated useful life

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