By: Unisay  09-12-2011
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  UniSay's software is available for download at no charge. Use the software to access Web services, and to edit files. You pay incrementally for only for the Web services that you use.
  UniSay Credit Payment System
  UniSay has designed a credit-based payment system that is efficient, whether paying for a large or small projects.
  You simply purchase credits, using PayPal or a major credit card, which are then available in your account to spend on an array of valuable UniSay Web services.
  Credits can be purchased in specific amounts for $1 USD each (e.g. 250 credits for $250). Or credit packages can be bought where you'll receive bonus credits for larger amounts (e.g. Gold = 1,200 credits for $1,000).
  Prices for UniSay Web Services
  When reviewing UniSay prices, keep in mind that (1) credit normally equals ($1) USD. However, if you bought a larger credit package, the bonus credits averaged into the price, reduces the amount you actually pay.
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Keywords: web services