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By: Ultimate Success Publishing  09-12-2011


You can judge a book by its cover

How often do you look at the images provided by internet shopping sites when viewing information regarding books? How often do you glance over plain looking books on the shelves? Many times good books are overlooked because they don’t have the visual appeal that can be created with a professional custom design. Statistics show that eighty percent of what sells the book is the book cover. A simple design can oftentimes have little appeal to the majority of readers, while a unique and memorable design will grasp the interest of the masses. Here’s a comparison between a simple cover design versus a custom created cover designed by Ultimate Success Publishing:

Custom Cover Design: $295.00

For a unique, eye – catching cover, that can help give your book the edge we offer professional custom cover design for as little as $295.00 depending on complexity. Below are just a few examples of what we can do with your book cover:

Our trade paperback and hardcover books are produced in standard 5.5″ x 8.5″ trim size.

Design Your Own Cover : (Author Provided Cover)
If you wish to use your own cover design for your book, you must provide complete transfer – ready work (provide any images, artwork, photos as well as the layout for your design with any fonts you use, in a format that can be transferred directly to a cover template and is ready for press) Please note: some programs may not embed images into the files, in this case, the images must be provided along with the cover design. The covers do not have to be exact to the book trim size, but they need to be proportionate. If you have no images in your design, please supply us with a complete layout of the cover design with the desired fonts.

Template Cover Design: $175.00

Each cover template features a different design and will accommodate different numbers of images (template designs as low as $175.00). If you would like to utitlize one of our templates you will need to supply any images (photos, drawings, etc.) you wish to be used on your cover (author photos are optional, you can choose to include one or not). If you are interested in one of our templates just select the layout design that best suits you, then note your selection on the order form. Once you’ve completed this, you may choose your cover font(s) and colors (please be aware that our font database is limited and in some cases we may not have the font you wish to use, you may supply us with a font).

If you do not have the means to scan or edit an image digitally, you can send us the image and we will do it for you

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