Ultimate Hockey Blade - Ultimate Blade

By: Ultimate Hockey Blade  09-12-2011

A concept that will help you become a better stickhandler

Initiation Phase

At first, you may find it hard and awkward to stick handle with The ULTIMATE Hockey Training Blade, but don’t get discouraged, this is only temporary. In a very short time you will get used to the weight and the concept. Go easy at the beginning, don’t over train; 10 minutes daily should be fine for the first week.

Regular Training

Afterward, you can increase your training to

15 to 20 minutes daily

. You will feel the blade’s benefits very quickly in your forearms and other muscles. This means that the blade is doing its work by targeting specific muscles for each different exercise in your training routine.

Don’t just do the same exercises every day; vary your routine (unless you are targeting a specific skill you want to improve on). The ULTIMATE Hockey Training Blade enables you to train anywhere, no need for a ball or puck. Just going through the motions is enough to get its benefits.

Seeing Results

Results are fairly quick and noticeable. Some of the benefits are: better feel for the puck, better stick handling, harder passing, stronger shots, more confidence carrying the puck, better reflexes and many more.