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By: Ubity  09-12-2011
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Ubity VoIP Montreal --> VOIP Montreal | VOIP Quebec | VOIP Ottawa

UB-VoIP is much more than a business phone service! UB-VoIP is a hosted IP business telephony service that offers advanced functions formerly too expensive or even inaccessible to most SMBs.

Our services start as low as $69.95/month. Service cost varies depending on the number of users in your company, number of lines needed, desired features and some other factors. Call one of our representatives at 1.877.558.2489, option 1 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it us to to learn more about our services.

Some Ub-VoIP functionalities and benefits:

UB-VoIP is a fully hosted system, requiring no equipment or maintenance.

As a hosted system, UB-VoIP’s telephone services are deployed remotely from Ubity’s secure data center, so it doesn’t require any special equipment, installation or maintenance. What’s more, if you need to relocate because of a move or an emergency, your services can be moved seamlessly, any time, anywhere.

UB-VoIP services are deployed from our secure data center, which is a controlled, disaster-proof environment that includes redundant power supplies. This enables us to provide you with uninterrupted telephone services, 24/7.

UB-VoIP is ideal for:

  • Organizations that don’t want to make costly investments in equipment and installation
  • Organizations who need their telecom services to be disaster-proof
  • Organizations who don’t have the in-house expertise to install and maintain an IP-PBX system
  • Organizations that don’t have the infrastructure to support an IP-PBX

"Find Me / Follow Me" Routes Calls to Users – Anywhere!

This service routes calls to specific users no matter where they are physically located.

This service is ideal for:
  • Mobile users who need to remain connectable wherever they are located
  • Support call escalation in case of a non-response from one or more agents
  • Departments that would like to have one point of contact for each of their clients, in particular Sales departments.
  • Users who want to remain connectable but want to keep their extension numbers confidential.

Software Telephone Support Enables 100% Mobility

These days more and more business is being conducted out of the office and even out of the country. In this mobile environment staying connected with your staff is critical, however the communications costs can be enormous.

UB-VoIP software telephone (Softphone) support enables anyone with a laptop and an Internet connection to remain connected like they were at the office! Your employees could be on the road, at an airport, hotel or even at home and as long as they are connected to the Internet, they can make and receive calls and check their messages. UB-VoIP software telephone support is ideal for:
  • Mobile workers who need to remain connected with the organization
  • Occasional business travellers
  • Telecommuters and workers who frequently work from home
  • Organizations that don’t want to invest in additional telephone hardware
  • Virtual organizations that don’t have a permanent office

Inter-VoIP – Remote Office Connectivity

These days many organizations are geographically spread out but they still need to remain connected with their satellite offices. In these cases communications can be hard to manage and costs can be high. With Ubity’s Inter-VoIP services, satellite offices can be connected to head office as if they were all departments located on the same floor!

Using Inter-VoIP someone at their office in Montreal can call an employee at the Paris office by dialling the extension of that user. No more communications hassles and long-distance charges! What’s even better, the employee in Montreal can make local calls within Paris without incurring any additional long-distance charges! Inter-VoIP services are ideal for:
  • Organizations with geographically dispersed locations
  • Organizations seeking to centralize their telecommunication systems
  • Organizations seeking to lower their monthly long-distance charges

Easy User Relocation

With UB-VoIP, relocating a user has never been easier! Unlike other phone systems, UB-VoIP enables its users to be physically moved and reconnected from any location to any supported location, all within seconds. Once a user is moved, all calls for them will be transferred to their new location - it’s that simple!

UB-VoIP for Telecommuters

Telecommuting has become very popular among many forward-thinking organizations. To support these telecommuters, an organization needs the infrastructure to enable them to work effectively, whether through the network or on the phone.

UB-VoIP supports telecommuters by providing identical functionality to that of their office system, including telephone extensions, mailboxes, conferencing services and more. All you need to telecommute is an Internet connection and you’re automatically linked in.

Telephone Conferencing

Let’s face it, telephone conferencing on a typical non-intuitive phone system can be a frustrating experience. With UB-VoIP these frustrations are a thing of the past.

UB-VoIP enables its users to make conference calls simply and effectively. Invited guests can log into the system with access codes provided by the conference call organizer. Once logged in, these guests wait in a queue until the organizer logs in. When the conference call is over and the organizer leaves, the guests are automatically disconnected. The UB-VoIP conferencing service is ideal for:
  • Workers who frequently make conference calls to outside callers
  • Workers making Web presentations who require live voice support

Fax to E-Mail

Fax machines may be outdated but they are still used by many companies to transfer legal documents such as contracts, purchase orders and invoices. With Ubity’s Fax to E-Mail service, documents sent by fax can now be received electronically by e-mail.

How does it work? A document is faxed to a specific phone number. Once received it is converted to an e-mail attachment and e-mailed to a specified e-mail address. The recipient receives the document as an e-mail attachment. No more paper!

Cellular 1-800 Bridging Service

Corporate cellular phone use is at an all-time high and growing, and so are the monthly long distance bills! Ubity offers a 1-800 bridging service for cell phone users that reduces the amount of long distance charges they pay each month.

How does it work? Cell phone users dial a 1-800 number when making their long distance calls, which enables them to use the UB-VoIP service. The calls ends up costing a fraction of their regular charges. For most users this could mean thousands of dollars in savings each year.
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Keywords: Business Telephony, Telephony Service

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