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By: Uber Roofing  09-12-2011

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What Uber Roofing Offers

What Can I Expect for the Work Process?

1.   Initial contact from the customer contact
  • Once you have made contact with us we'll work with you to confirm your roofing needs and questions
  • From there we'll determine if you want an estimate and an appointment will be booked
2.  Select materials - shingles, colours, other products
  • Our staff will direct you to the proper web site to select material (shingle selection)
  • We can also provide material sample boards and brochures to assist your decision making
3.  Set up follow-up appointment to review estimate
  • One of our staff will set a follow-up appointment to review the details of an estimate, based on the materials selected and the work desired
  • We'll contact you the day prior to the appointment to confirm
  • During the appointment we'll go over any questions you may have and confirm our quote
  • There is no obligation to proceed if you are not interested in doing so
4.  Confirm order and receive deposit
  • If you confirm that you would like to proceed, we will provide you with a schedule of the current working days surrounding the  next available time.  These days are weather dependant, but we will keep you updated once a committed project is in place.
  • A deposit will be required to confirm
  • We will provide 24hrs notice before we begin
5.  Complete work and sign-off sheet
  • Our staff will complete the project in a timely and courteous fashion
  • Once completed, the estimator will perform a site visit and ensure performance and clean-up.
  • Upon favourable completion of project, the esitmator will prepare final sign off sheet and invoice
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