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By: Ubc Tutoring  09-12-2011

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Academic classes can be challenging.  Luckily, our experts can help.  Our staff members are experts in their field, but have also been rigorously selected for their ability to convey knowledge and enthusiasm.  We will help you increase your grades and confidence alike so you can master any future academic challenges.

With subject tutoring, you have the option to set up a long-term relationship for a class that you know will be challenging, or you can simply schedule a session or two for help on a problem set, essay, or examination.

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COMM 295 MT Review Session

If Telus decided to use a two-part tariff instead of perfect price discrimination, what fixed/entrance fee would each customer be charged if customers are identical, as described in part. Is it possible to compare profits for Telus with this optimal two-part tariff scheme versus the perfect price discrimination scheme. If Telus could perfectly price discriminate, how many hours of calls would its customers make per day.